Sino US relations / burlingen’s assumption of office on China’s competition and cooperation

Sino US relations / burlingen's assumption of office on China's competition and cooperation

Photo: US Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln (left) arrives at the State Department on the 27th to pay tribute to the staff. /Reuters

[Ta Kung Pao] according to Capitol Hill, associated press and Agence France Presse, on the first day of taking office on the 27th, US Secretary of state Lincoln said at the first press conference of the State Council that Sino US relations are undoubtedly the most important bilateral relations in the world in the future. There are confrontations and competitions between the two sides, but there is also a lot of room for cooperation, especially in dealing with climate change and other issues. China’s foreign ministry said on the 28th that cooperation between China and the United States in specific fields is not a “flower in a greenhouse” and should not be given anything.

Different from the trump administration’s foreign policy of “America first”, Biden administration adheres to the multilateral foreign policy of mending relations with allies and returning the United States to the center of international affairs. The two parties in the United States have reached a consensus on the issue of China, and public opinion generally expects that Biden will still pursue a tough China policy after he takes office. At the nomination confirmation hearing last week, Lincoln made it clear that he regarded China as the biggest challenge for the future of the United States.

Still regard China as the biggest strategic competitor

Bush Lincoln was officially sworn in as secretary of state of the United States on the 27th in the presence of vice president Harris. Speaking about Sino US relations at the first press conference, he said that China is not only a competitor but also a partner. Sino US relations can be said to be the most important bilateral relations in the world in the future, which is no secret. &”Although Sino US relations are increasingly confrontational, they can still cooperate in areas of common interest, such as climate issues,” he said.

The analysis points out that although the Biden administration still regards China as its biggest strategic competitor, unlike the trump administration, the Biden administration, while confronting China, agrees that it needs to give consideration to competition and cooperation on some issues. Many voices believe that the climate issue may become a breakthrough for the sound development of Sino US relations. But at the same time, Biden will work with his allies to put pressure on Beijing in the event of differences between China and the United States.

Biden’s special envoy on climate change, John Kerry, also talked about the possibility of strengthening Sino US cooperation in the field of climate on the 27th. He said that to curb global warming, the United States alone can’t do it. The climate issue is a key independent issue. It is urgent to find a way to distinguish it from other differences between China and the United States and continue to push forward. But he also stressed that there are serious differences between China and the United States on some issues and that China will not trade with China on climate issues. When Kerry was Secretary of state in the Obama administration, he was in charge of the US negotiations on the Paris climate agreement.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said on the 28th that China is willing to work with the United States and the international community to tackle climate change. However, the cooperation between China and the United States in specific fields is not a “flower in the greenhouse”. Neither side should expect to wantonly interfere in China’s internal affairs and harm China’s interests on the one hand, and on the other hand, ask for China’s understanding and support in bilateral and global affairs.

The 27th is white house climate day. US President Biden signed a number of executive orders on the same day, including suspending and reviewing the activities of exploiting oil and natural gas on federal land, canceling fossil fuel subsidies and other measures to deal with climate change. He said that the government has placed dealing with the climate crisis at the center of US foreign policy and national security, and that “we have been waiting too long to deal with the climate crisis.”;.

Biden’s climate policy on the road

Biden said in last year’s general election debate that he would promote renewable energy to replace fossil fuels, which attracted a lot of criticism. Opponents trump and the oil industry criticized Biden for destroying the entire U.S. oil industry and sentenced the energy industry in Pennsylvania and other states to economic death. To allay concerns, Biden repeatedly stressed on the 27th that tackling climate change will not cause unemployment, but will create millions of jobs in emerging industries such as clean energy, with the best of both economy and environmental protection.

The associated press described Biden’s climate policy as “the most ambitious plan” in the history of the United States, which will not only lead to the crazy boycott of the Republican Party, but also the opposition within the Democratic Party. Rogers, a Republican member of the house energy and Commerce Committee, thinks that restricting the mining, oil and gas industries is not conducive to the energy security and independence of the United States, and satirizes that the Biden administration is making empty promises. Grisham, the governor and Democrat of New Mexico, said that the state government relies heavily on the income from drilling oil fields, and hopes that the federal government will take into account the specific situation and recent financial situation of each state.


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