Biden administration’s position on China related issues

Climate issues

US Secretary of state Abraham Lincoln and US president’s special envoy on climate change John Kerry both said on the 27th that the United States hopes to cooperate with China in the field of climate change. Kerry also said that there are many serious differences between the United States and China, and Washington will not use these issues to trade with China on climate change issues.

South China Sea and East China Sea

In a phone call with Philippine foreign minister Rochin on the 27th, U.S. Secretary of state Lincoln said that the United States opposes China’s claims of maritime sovereignty in the South China Sea beyond the scope of international law and claims that it will stand with Southeast Asian countries that are facing China’s pressure;. U.S. President Joe Biden and Japanese Prime Minister Kan Yiwei spoke on the phone on the 27th, reiterating that the U.S. – Japan security treaty is applicable to the Diaoyu Islands.

Investment ban

On the 27th, the US Treasury Department revised the investment ban on some so-called “Chinese military enterprises” to allow investment in companies with names similar to but not identical to those banned until May 27 this year.


White House spokesman pousaki said on the 27th that the Biden administration will continue to protect the U.S. telecommunications network from the threat of “untrusted suppliers” and name Huawei. U.S. Commerce Secretary designate Raymond said at the nomination confirmation hearing on the 26th that the United States must take a tough stance on China’s trade and technology threats, but refused to promise to keep Huawei and other Chinese enterprises on the “blacklist” of U.S. trade.

Arms sales to Taiwan

The Biden administration is reviewing the arms sales case approved by former president trump before he leaves office, which has aroused great concern of the Taiwan authorities. Trump still violated the Convention and announced arms sales to Taiwan after the election in November last year. Whether the relevant arms sales case is ultimately effective has aroused doubts from the outside world.

Ta Kung Pao


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