Guangdong push duocuoli Hong Kong and Macao homecoming permit “mainland office”

(Hong Kong Wen Wei Po reporter Ao Minhui) Guangzhou (Reuters) – the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Bureau launched a new batch of measures to serve Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao in the construction of Dawan District, involving 20 items such as exit and entry documents, vehicle management services, intelligent alarm and online government affairs services. The new measures pay more attention to making Hong Kong and Macao residents enjoy the same government affairs services as mainland residents, including the “mainland office” for the replacement of Home Return certificates, the “online office” for household registration services and the “car office” In particular, during the epidemic period, these new measures have had an immediate effect. Statistics show that the “mainland office” of Home Return Permit has been successfully operated for 16000 people three months after its launch, which greatly facilitates the long-term residents of Hong Kong and Macao living in the mainland.

Guangdong push duocuoli Hong Kong and Macao homecoming permit ● it is more convenient for Hong Kong and Macao residents to work in Dawan district. The picture shows a Hong Kong resident doing household registration. Photo provided by the interviewee

Among the 20 new initiatives, there are 8 for “safe Bay Area” and 12 for “convenient Bay Area”, all of which are for residents in Dawan district. Among them, at least 5 are dedicated to serving Hong Kong and Macao residents. These measures have been implemented recently or are being piloted and will be fully implemented soon. Due to the epidemic situation, cross-border personnel are inconvenient, and many of them are targeted here And it will be normalized.

The application procedures are consistent with those in Hong Kong and Macao

In the past, residents in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao had to return to Hong Kong and Macao to deal with the expired, damaged and lost return permits. During the epidemic period, cross-border communication was inconvenient, which required a lot of time and economic costs. Among them, Hong Kong residents were particularly troubled by the epidemic prevention and control.

According to the new policy, from October 10, 2020, Hong Kong and Macao residents can directly apply to the exit Entry Administration Department of any public security organ at or above the county level for the replacement of the Home Return Permit, and the application procedures are consistent with those in Hong Kong and Macao.

The reporter of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po learned that if a long-term cross-border school student living in Shenzhen’s home return permit expires, according to the old policy, his guardian must apply for it in Hong Kong. During the epidemic period, this is an extremely cumbersome matter. Under the new policy, after applying to the exit entry Department of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau, he can get the New Home Return Permit within seven working days.

Statistics show that since the implementation of the new deal for more than three months, Guangdong has handled the replacement business for more than 16000 Hong Kong and Macao residents, providing great convenience for them to work, live and study in the mainland.

Online registration reduced to 3 working days

This new deal covers all kinds of work items that Hong Kong and Macao people may encounter. Many Hong Kong and Macao residents are from Guangdong. Some of them voluntarily give up or cancel their permanent resident status in Hong Kong and Macao for personal reasons and go to the mainland to settle down. Take Dongguan as an example, there are hundreds of relevant applications every year. In the past, the application, acceptance, approval and collection of results were all operated offline , applicants need to make multiple trips.

To this end, Guangdong is experimenting with “online registration” for Hong Kong and Macao residents to settle in the mainland in Dongguan. The registration of Hong Kong and Macao residents only needs to submit materials online on the “Guangdong Provincial affairs” wechat platform for application, and then go to the business window for direct processing at one time. During this period, the business processing progress can also be inquired at any time on the platform.

The new deal has shortened the processing period from nearly one month to three working days. The person in charge of the exit entry department of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department said on the 28th that this business is expected to be launched in the whole province in June this year.

Establishment of Australian Volunteer Police Squadron

Guangdong is also exploring the innovation of the police cooperation system and mechanism in the bay area to better serve the residents of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. For example, the mainland’s first volunteer police squadron composed of Macao nationality was set up in Hengqin, Zhuhai, to assist in the security of large-scale activities, serving the masses and other police work, so as to improve the performance of Macao related police. According to the introduction, this is to further implement “Macao people ruling Macao” and promote different systems and regions This is an attempt of social governance innovation.

In the interview, the reporter of Hong Kong Wen Wei Po also learned that in order to further meet the needs of Hong Kong and Macao residents for driving into and out of the mainland, Guangdong is studying and promoting the work of fully liberalizing the entry and exit of Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles through Zhuhai Highway port of Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge (i.e. Hong Kong and Macao motor vehicles going north), and paying close attention to the preparation work of supporting policy formulation and information system construction.

Next, we will continue to maintain close cooperation with the Hong Kong and Macao sides to jointly promote the early implementation of the policy of “Hong Kong car and Macao car going north”.

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