Data from 221 countries show that the new crown is a seasonal disease

According to foreign media reports, after analyzing the relevant data of 221 countries, American scientists gave a positive answer: new coronal pneumonia is a seasonal disease.

In a paper published in the journal Evolutionary bioinformatics, Illinois researchers pointed out that the confirmed cases, mortality rate and other epidemiological indicators of NCP were significantly correlated with temperature and latitude in 221 countries; “One of our conclusions is that NCP may be a seasonal disease similar to influenza,” anoles said

Seasonal viral diseases are very common. For example, influenza has a higher incidence in cold winter. In the early stage of the new coronavirus epidemic, researchers and public health officials believed that the new coronavirus, like other coronaviruses, may be rampant in autumn and winter, but there is a lack of data, especially at the global level. The latest research has filled this knowledge gap.

In the latest study, the researchers downloaded the relevant epidemiological data of 221 countries, including the incidence rate, mortality rate, rehabilitation cases, detection rate and hospitalization rate, as well as the latitude and longitude and average temperature of these countries. They began to collect the data on April 15, 2020, because this is the day with the largest seasonal change of global temperature, which is the most sensitive day for new pneumonia Dyeing also peaked around the world.

Subsequently, the research team used statistical methods to test whether epidemiological variables were related to temperature, longitude and latitude. They said, “our global epidemiological analysis showed that there was a significant statistical correlation between temperature and morbidity, mortality, recovery cases, etc. the same trend was found in latitude, but not in longitude, which was similar to our expectation.”

Editor in charge: Mu Yu


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