What complications does long-term severe anemia have? Is anemia due to other reasons besides iron deficiency

What are the complications of long-term severe anemia

There are many factors causing severe anemia, the most common is abnormal hematopoietic cells and bone marrow hematopoietic system, followed by patients with trauma or tumor caused by excessive blood loss, can also cause anemia. The complications of severe anemia can be understood through the following four aspects.

First, the tendency to induce bleeding. Patients with severe anemia, if there is no standardized way to treat, it will lead to the lack of platelet and coagulation factors, which will cause bleeding, mainly characterized by gingival bleeding, epistaxis and abnormal menstruation, serious patients will also induce visceral bleeding.

Second, mental disorder. Severe anemia patients prone to vitamin deficiency, which will not only cause peripheral neuritis, but also serious mental disorders, such as depression, excitement.

Third, the effect on gastric mucosa. Severe anemia due to vitamin absorption disorder, at this time gastric mucosa and gastric glands will have abnormal atrophy, can not secrete factors, which will cause chronic gastritis.

Fourth, increase the risk of infection. Infection is one of the most common complications of anemia. During the onset of anemia, patients mainly have persistent fever and loss of appetite, which can lead to infection of multiple systems and tissues, and even death.

Is there any other reason for anemia besides iron deficiency

The appearance of iron deficiency anemia has a great relationship with the unreasonable nutritional structure of daily diet. Insufficient iron supply or unreasonable diet will lead to the lack of iron in the body. Some chronic hemorrhagic diseases, including gastrointestinal bleeding or excessive menstruation, will induce iron deficiency anemia. Patients with absorption disorders will lead to iron deficiency anemia.

What is the cause of iron deficiency anemia? Anemia is the most common symptom in life, and iron deficiency anemia is more common among anemia. There are many reasons leading to iron deficiency anemia, such as nutritional factors, chronic blood loss, absorption disorders and so on. In the face of iron deficiency anemia, we need to pay attention to the conditioning of daily life, especially the supplement of diet The following with small make up together to understand the three major causes of iron deficiency anemia.


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