Immigration Department Tuen Mun office opens after Lunar New Year

In order to improve the service quality and meet the needs of the public, the Immigration Department will officially open its comprehensive office in Zhaolin government complex after the lunar new year to provide one-stop services for the public, including registration of personnel, application for travel documents, application for extension of stay, and registration of birth and marriage.

Assistant chief immigration officer (ID), Ms Lam Hsuan Shih, said that the new office’s wedding hall and public waiting area are twice the size of the original site, which is the largest wedding hall under the jurisdiction of the immigration department. The design elements of the hall, such as the Nordic style high-rise building bottom, floor to floor glass, heart-shaped bouquet background wall, and outdoor photography area and garden, are adopted to make every couple have an unforgettable experience My wedding.

In addition, the office also has a variety of user-friendly self-service facilities, including the application and collection of documents service station, baby care room and stroller parking area, so that the public can handle a variety of businesses at the same time. The application process can be completed in five minutes at the earliest, which is time-saving and convenient. In the future, the Immigration Department will review the effectiveness of the “one-stop service” and set up similar services in various districts to meet the needs of the public Integrated office.


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