The root cause of wearing sweater in hot summer is due to spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency

The root cause of wearing sweater in hot summer is due to spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency Author: Chen Yingping Shen Zhong July 6, 2018

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Article / Yang Cheng Evening News reporter Chen Yingping correspondent Shen Zhong

Xie Yi 67 years old, afraid of cold for 30 years,

Aunt Xie, 67 years old, is a native of Guangxi. Living in the countryside since childhood, I grew up with a pair of hard-working hands and raised two children. Now, I live in Guangzhou with my children. For more than 30 years, aunt Xie has been hardworking. Even after giving birth to two children at that time, she had no condition to take good care of her health and soon went to work in the farmland. Now her health is going from bad to worse. No matter in winter or summer, people are always more afraid of cold, cold hands and feet, walking pain of limbs and joints, and they are easy to catch cold all year round. Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine have seen a lot, but they have not been good. It’s even more uncomfortable in summer. It’s hot, but she can’t leave her sweater. When the air conditioner blows, she will feel uncomfortable all over. Her limbs, joints and back are even more painful. She often burps. After eating, she always feels uncomfortable with stomach distension. Aunt Xie’s children, recommended by neighbors, brought her to Guangdong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to seek treatment from Uncle De.

Uncle De solved the mystery of spleen deficiency and kidney deficiency, injured Yang and consumed Qi,

According to Uncle De, combined with aunt Xie’s symptoms, it can be classified into the category of “asthenia” in traditional Chinese medicine. It is mainly due to the deficiency of five viscera functions, the loss of basic dynamic support and the lack of nourishment of Qi and blood. Xie Yi’s long-term physical exertion is the main cause of the disease.

In addition, in her early years, after giving birth, she failed to take good care of the spleen and kidney, which led to the gradual damage of viscera function. In ancient times, there was a saying that “fatigue is easy to hurt the spleen and stomach”. If the spleen is damaged, the Qi and blood spirit will be lost, and if it is too long, the kidney yang will be damaged. Although there is a school of deficiency, we should not blindly warm and replenish, but we should step by step, focusing on warming the Yang of the spleen and kidney. After two weeks of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning, aunt Xie’s fear of cold and wind was obviously improved. After nearly a month of treatment in the outpatient department, her constitution was significantly improved. In hot summer, she no longer needed to wear a sweater and dared to blow the air conditioner.

Prevention and health care traditional Chinese medicine foot massage plus moxibustion to drive body cold

Aunt Xie is physically weak and lacks Yang Qi, so she should always keep warm to avoid the invasion of cold evil. Although cold evil is the main Qi in winter, it can be affected by cold all the year round. The neck and sole of the feet are vulnerable to the invasion of wind and cold, so you can choose a high collar jacket to protect your neck on weekdays, and you can wear socks when you sleep. You can also use traditional Chinese medicine to soak your feet, which has the effect of warming meridians, dispersing cold and dredging collaterals.

The specific methods are as follows: 20 g pepper, 20 g ginger, 20 g Cinnamon Twig, 30 g moxa leaf. Put the above herbs into the pot, add appropriate amount of water, decoct for about 30 minutes, 1 hour before going to bed, start to soak for 15-20 minutes, it is recommended that the water temperature should not be too high, with slight sweating as the degree. At ordinary times, you can also moxibustion Shenque point, the moxa stick point and then placed in Shenque point two or three centimeters, for burning, 10-15 minutes each time, do once every other day, can play a warm tonic effect.

Deshu health food room Morinda officinalis, tangerine peel and mutton casserole

Ingredients: 300 grams of mutton, 80 grams of radish, 10 grams of Morinda officinalis, 3 grams of tangerine peel, three or four pieces of ginger, a proper amount of refined salt.

Efficacy: warming and Tonifying Kidney Yang and dispersing cold.

Cooking method: wash all the ingredients, cut radish into pieces for standby, cut mutton into pieces, blanch; put mutton, radish, Morinda officinalis, tangerine peel and ginger slices into casserole, add appropriate amount of water 1750 ml (about 7 bowls), boil over low fire for 1.5 hours, add appropriate amount of refined salt to adjust the flavor. This is the number of three or four people.

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