Man’s body odor is too strong to force plane to land? Carnivorous bacteria are not far away from us

Man’s body odor is too strong to force plane to land? Carnivorous bacteria are not far away from us Author: Chen Hui Jian Wen Yang July 9, 2018

Reporter Chen Hui of correspondent Jian Wen Yang

Recently, there is a news that a Dutch plane flying to Spain made a forced landing in the middle of the flight. The reason is that a man’s body odor is too strong. The man died after getting off the plane. The reason is that he was infected with carnivorous bacteria. Previously, there were also cases of infection with carnivorous bacteria in hospitals in Guangzhou.

What is carnivorous fungus?

Xie shangkui, deputy director of anorectal surgery of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine in the Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University, who has received cases of carnivorous bacteria infection, said that carnivorous bacteria are not single bacteria, but some mixed bacteria that can cause “necrotizing fasciitis”. Among them, the most common pathogenic bacteria are Streptococcus pyogenes and Vibrio vulnificus, and other bacteria are Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus Klebsiella pneumoniae and so on.

These bacteria infect the subcutaneous fascia and cause inflammation. The clinical course of disease is rapid and serious, and the mortality rate is high. Therefore, they are named “carnivorous bacteria”.

Carnivorous bacteria are not far away. The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat sen University once had such cases.

Africa can’t get off the plane

Mr. Wang, 37, was on a business trip in Congo, Kenya, Africa not long ago. At that time, he began to feel abdominal, perianal and perineal swelling and pain. Later, the scope gradually increased and the degree of pain intensified. He had to go back to China to see a doctor.

On the plane back home, Mr. Wang developed symptoms of pus, swelling and even stink. The disease rapidly progressed to the abdomen and left lower limb, and the swelling and pain of the left lower limb made walking very inconvenient. After landing, the plane was immediately sent to 120 nearby hospitals for emergency treatment, and then transferred to Zhongshan sixth hospital for further treatment.

The 70 year old farmer in Guangzhou also got the

The 70 year old arbor, who was farming in the field, felt swelling and pain around the anus. He thought he had a simple abscess around the anus, ignored it and continued to work in the field. Results the next day, high fever, perianal skin blackening, redness and swelling quickly spread to the buttocks, scrotum, abdominal wall and other places. After being rejected by many local hospitals, he was transferred to Zhongshan sixth hospital and was also diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. After thorough debridement in time, careful dressing change after operation, and the cooperation of anesthesiology department, intensive care unit and other departments, Abe saved his life.

There’s a break in the body. Carnivorous bacteria come to me?

yes! That’s what’s terrible about it! Xie shangkui said that the carnivorous bacteria are highly toxic, and people with poor resistance can’t resist them at all. It attacks people’s bodies when they don’t pay attention to it. It may be when you cut the wound when you are playing with flowers and plants. It may also be when you wash shrimp and get a poke by shrimp tongs. It may even be bitten by some tiny insects. Carnivorous bacteria can enter the human body through these small wounds.

What’s the symptom of the carnivorous fungus?

Infected with carnivorous bacteria, its early symptoms are similar to influenza, including fever, muscle soreness, sore throat and so on. Then, the wound of the patient’s skin will be more and more painful, the body temperature will be higher and higher, and the muscles and body tissues will be damaged. Blood pressure may drop, affecting blood circulation and further necrotizing body tissues.

It is characterized by acute onset, rapid progress and high mortality. If the treatment is not timely, patients may have septic shock, multiple organ failure or even death at any time.

Don’t be careless when you have a small wound

If it is a small wound, use Iodophor for disinfection. Iodophor is a commonly used external medicine in daily life. It has a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect and can be used for disinfection of skin and mucous membrane.

If the wound is deep, hydrogen peroxide can be used for disinfection, pay attention to observe the changes of the wound, if there is deterioration, see a doctor in time. If the sore throat can not be relieved after medication, we must go to the hospital in time.

In addition, if the site of “necrotizing fasciitis” is around the anus, it will cause “perianal abscess”, that is, sudden swelling and pain around the anus, but this is not an ordinary perianal abscess. Don’t use anti-inflammatory drugs by yourself. Be sure to choose a regular hospital for early diagnosis and treatment to check the possibility of necrotizing fasciitis.

Obesity, the elderly, patients with cancer, diabetes, HIV infection in the risk of recruitment of carnivorous bacteria is much higher than ordinary people. This part of the population, once the symptoms of perianal abscess, must be treated with caution, timely medical treatment.

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