The etiology of low back pain is different at different times

The etiology of low back pain is different at different times & nbsp; & nbsp; by Zhang huagaolong and Liu Xiaoming & nbsp; & nbsp; on July 18, 2018

Reporter Zhang Hua, correspondent Gao long, Liu Xiaoming,

Low back pain is our most common discomfort, about 80% of people have experienced it in their lifetime. For many people, when they encounter low back pain, they often find a plaster to stick on, or go to the community to find a masseur to press it. In fact, the causes of low back pain are very complex and the clinical manifestations are diverse. Huang Qiaodong, chief physician of the Department of anesthesia and pain of the second people’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, reminded that different low back pain has different onset times, and different onset times can prompt different causes. The public should pay close attention to the characteristics of low back pain, so that they can more easily understand their own causes of low back pain.

Lumbar muscle strain pain: pain in the morning, relieve after activity,

This kind of pain is more common in young and middle-aged people, often due to long-term incorrect posture or muscle strain caused by trauma. Pain caused by small blood vessels or nerves in the muscles of the waist blocked by scars formed by muscle strain. Huang Qiaodong said that the pain parts are concentrated in the strained muscles, which are characterized by pain after sleeping for a long time or pain before and after getting up in the morning. After walking or massage, the pain will be relieved, and patients often have local fear of cold, wind and other symptoms.

Lumbar disc herniation pain: sitting for a long time, walking for a long time, low back pain, leg pain, foot numbness, and even fatigue

As a result of lumbar disc herniation compression stimulation of its peripheral nerve appeared pain. Huang Qiaodong said that if low back pain combined with leg pain or leg numbness, it is more clear for lumbar disc herniation. Because the waist is located in the lower part of the trunk, it naturally bears the most weight. In addition, the waist is the place where the whole trunk moves most frequently. After sitting for a long time, standing for a long time and sitting for a long time, low back pain will aggravate.

Therefore, people with lumbar disc herniation often go to bed at night or lie in bed during the day. When they rest, the herniated lumbar disc ring can be slightly reset, and the pain will be alleviated, or even no pain at all in the morning. And the surface of low back pain or leg pain is pressed down by hand, but no pain is felt.

Osteoporosis pain: sudden turning pain and waking up pain

Osteoporosis is more common in the elderly, often manifested as low back pain, accompanied by body aches, severe turning pain, bed pain, bending, coughing or exerting pain. In addition, osteoporosis pain has another characteristic, that is, if you tap on the vertebrae, the pain will increase. At this time, we should be aware that the loose vertebrae cracks, resulting in compression flattening.

In addition, to the hospital through X-ray examination of lumbar vertebrae or isotope detection of bone mineral density, osteoporosis can be found and diagnosed in time.

Bone cancer: unexplained midnight pain

If in the middle of the night, in the dead of night, suddenly wake up from a dream, then this kind of low back pain may be a hint of cancer. Cancer can be primary or metastatic.  

Huang Qiaodong said that bone cancer pain is the most severe of all cancer pain, which is characterized by activity pain, similar to osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture pain. This disease is the opposite of the symptoms of lumbar muscle strain, which will feel more comfortable after massage. Therefore, experts especially stressed that “when there is no clear diagnosis of pain, do not blindly do massage and physical therapy.”

Tips: for low back pain caused by muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, osteoporosis, tumor, ankylosing spondylitis, you can go to the pain department to find out and remove the causes of pain. If the pain affects rest, such as sleeping pain, we must go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. Because pain is likely to be the signal of tumor, don’t delay the opportunity of treatment.

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