The boy’s earache after swimming turned out to be caused by little rubber

The boy’s earache after swimming turned out to be caused by little rubber Author: Wang Nan Mu Yan July 25, 2018 reporter Wang Nan and correspondent Mu Yan reported: as soon as the summer vacation comes, the swimming pool starts the “boiled dumpling” mode. Adults and children love to swim and play in the swimming pool. Even if they just soak in the water for a while, they will feel that the summer heat will be completely eliminated. But children are lively and active, so it’s hard for them to have a “close contact” with the water in the swimming pool.

Zhu Huaiwen, an expert in the Department of Otolaryngology at Fuda Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University, found that it was the little rubber that caused the trouble.

Oil ear blocking external auditory canal in boys

Xiaoxia, a 9-year-old boy who hasn’t been completely dry after swimming, accompanied by his mother, went to Haizhu District of Fuda Cancer Hospital Affiliated to Jinan University. “Generally speaking, the water in the ear can be discharged by jumping with one leg on the same side.” Zhu Huaiwen, an otolaryngologist with more than 30 years of clinical experience, thinks it is not so simple. Through the observation of endoscopic examination system, director Zhu Huaiwen found that there was no water mark in Xiao Xia’s bilateral ear canals, but it was blocked by thick oil earwax.

“Xiao Xia’s cerumen gland in the external auditory canal secretes fat very vigorously. If the sticky fat blocks the ear canal, it will affect hearing.” Director Zhu explained that when the external auditory canal is not completely blocked, most of them are asymptomatic. When it is completely blocked, hearing loss will occur. If cerumen compresses the tympanic membrane, it can cause vertigo, tinnitus and hearing loss; if cerumen compresses the skin of the posterior wall of the external auditory canal, it can cause reflex cough by stimulating the auricular branch of the vagus nerve; if it is swollen with water, it can cause sudden hearing loss, and Xiaoxia is the third case.

The culprit of deafness is oil ear, but why is there pain? After cleaning part of cerumen, director Zhu found a blue foreign body looming in the depth of the ear canal. Director Zhu advised Xiao Xia to cooperate actively and helped him take out the foreign body – a small rubber about 5mm long and 3mm in diameter without anesthesia.

Because the external ear canal has been sealed by oil ear wax, it is evident that the small rubber hidden in the deeper ear canal is not in two days’ life. It is recalled that the small rubber is stuck in the ear before and after children’s day.

Why, however, has there been so little pain? Director Zhu analyzed that because Xiaoxia’s cerumen gland secretes fat vigorously, it is likely that the light rubber will be stuck by the oil after entering the ear canal. Even if Xiaoxia’s running and jumping rubber doesn’t “jump around” in the ear canal at ordinary times, it has not been found since this period of time.

Don’t forget to protect your ears when swimming in summer

In summer, there are more patients with otitis media and otitis externa than usual. Part of otitis media is due to swimming throat choking water, bacteria in the water along the eustachian tube spread to the middle ear cavity mucosa, resulting in middle ear effusion, obstruction, secretions can not flow out and cause inflammation. Acute otitis media will have deep ear pain, hearing loss, fever and other symptoms, usually 1 to 2 days after swimming is the most obvious, mainly in children, people with poor resistance, usually with more unilateral infection. The occurrence of otitis externa is related to too much earwax. After swimming, the earwax swells and causes inflammation of the external auditory canal. When the ear is pulled, the pain is obvious. At this time, we must see a doctor. If you regularly clear the earwax, you can reduce the chance of external auditory canal inflammation.

In order to reduce the incidence of ear diseases, director Zhu reminded swimmers not to dig out the water in their ears. This is likely to damage the external auditory canal wall, tympanic membrane, causing otitis media or otitis externa. The correct way is to swim ashore, turn your head to one side, pull the auricle back and up with your hand, and jump with one leg to get the water out of your ears.

If you can’t deal with the water in your ears, you should see a doctor as soon as possible. Water choking into the nasal cavity, into the ear, can also cause otitis media, once the nasal cavity into the water, the correct blowing nasal drainage method is finger tight pressure on one side of the nostril, the other side of the nostril slowly blowing water, left and right repeatedly 3-4 times, pay attention not to use too much force, lest cause otitis media and sinusitis. Chronic otitis media, perforation of tympanic membrane or purulent, should not swim.

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