The General Administration of market supervision released the food tips in the dog days: a large amount of cold food is easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines

The General Administration of market supervision released the food tips in the dog days: a large amount of cold food is easy to stimulate the stomach and intestines by Ma can on August 6, 2018 reporter Ma can reported: eat less cold food, and heat the food thoroughly In order to ensure the food safety of consumers, the General Administration of Market Supervision issued the food consumption tips in the dog days.

Fresh food should be preserved properly & nbsp;

The so-called “dog days” refer to the “dog days” in the lunar calendar, which appear in the light heat and summer heat. It is the highest, humid and muggy day in a year. People often say, “Fu” means that the weather is too hot, so it’s better to Fu than to move.

Experts said that in hot and humid weather, all kinds of food materials are prone to corruption and deterioration, so fresh food materials should be purchased in regular shopping malls, supermarkets or farmers’ markets. Avoid purchasing or picking unknown wild mushrooms, wild vegetables, wild fruits or catching wild shellfish to prevent food poisoning.

The purchased food materials or foods should be stored in strict accordance with the storage requirements and eaten as soon as possible. Fresh cut fruits should not be stored overnight; dried products should also be sealed and refrigerated; frozen food should be stored in the refrigerator as soon as possible, and attention should be paid to classification, separate packaging and storage to avoid cross contamination. In addition, the refrigerator should be cleaned and disinfected frequently to reduce the probability of microbial breeding in the refrigerator.

Light diet at home and thorough heating of meals

Stimulated by the summer heat, people’s digestive ability tends to weaken and feel loss of appetite. Therefore, experts suggest that the summer diet should be light in taste, and the cooking method should be more steaming and stewing than frying; the food should be cooked thoroughly, especially beans and vegetables such as kidney beans, aquatic products and meat. Adding soup properly in three meals can not only supplement water, but also regulate taste and increase appetite; eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs and milk to supplement protein, vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

At the same time, special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of food production. The processed food materials should be fully cleaned, and the knives and cutting boards used should be separated from raw and cooked food. Home food production should be appropriate, try to eat at one time, leftovers should be put into the refrigerator in time, before eating again should confirm that there is no corruption and deterioration, and thoroughly heated.

When dining out, be careful to choose barbecue seafood. Appropriate amount of

Experts suggest that when dining out, the catering service units with food business license or catering service license, good sanitary environment and complete facilities should be selected. After meals, the catering service units should take the initiative to obtain invoices and other dining vouchers, and try to avoid patronizing unlicensed mobile stalls.

Kebabs and seafood are the must choice of many consumers in summer. Experts suggest that grilled food and seafood cooked by heating should be selected, electric kebabs should be preferred, and the consumption should be moderate, and raw seafood should not be eaten or less. Eat less novel ingredients, such as all kinds of game, carefully choose cooked stewed vegetables, cold dishes, if found abnormal color or taste, should immediately stop eating.

Eat less cold food. Pay attention to
when eating

Cold drinks are often favored by consumers in summer. Experts say that a large amount of cold food can stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, cause its dysfunction, cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other gastrointestinal diseases, and even pharyngitis or toothache and other diseases. Because, experts suggest that consumers drink more boiled water, or choose mung bean soup, green tea, sour plum soup according to their own situation. When eating ice cream, ice cream or iced drinks and other cold food should be appropriate, preferably between meals, in order to reduce the stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract and the impact on the dinner food intake. Do not eat cold drink immediately after strenuous exercise and sweating to avoid stimulating gastric mucosal vasoconstriction and causing gastrointestinal dysfunction.  

More attention should be paid to special population, balanced nutrition and more water supplement

The elderly, children and people with low immunity should control the intake of raw and cold food. Experts suggest drinking water actively, a small amount and many times to supplement the body’s water.

As the metabolism slows down and the masticatory ability decreases, the elderly should choose rich and light food. According to the recommendation of diet pagoda, the food should be diversified every day.

Due to their weak gastrointestinal function and poor immunity, children need to pay special attention to balanced diet and adequate nutrition in the dog days.

However, due to sweating, the high-temperature workers lose a lot of sodium, potassium and water-soluble vitamins, so they should supplement water and inorganic salts in time, and increase the intake of high-quality protein such as fish, eggs, milk beans and fruits and vegetables rich in potassium, vitamin C and B vitamins to supplement the energy and nutrient consumption of high-temperature work.

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