Can Parkinson’s patients ride a bike for a week without shaking their hands?

Can Parkinson’s patients ride a bike for a week without shaking their hands? by Zhang Hua and Wei Xing

Reporter Zhang Hua of correspondent Wei Xing

A video of a Parkinson’s patient riding a bicycle was hot on the Internet, which attracted great attention from neurologists and some family members of Parkinson’s disease. Many people have some doubts about this video, and they are also deeply surprised by the magical effect of cycling on Parkinson’s disease. What’s the matter?

According to the reporter, this video is from the news of a foreign TV station. According to the report, a doctor in the United States found that it is very difficult for a patient with Parkinson’s disease to walk if his body shakes severely, but there is no problem when riding a bicycle. He can also make a 180 degree turn.

In this regard, the reporter interviewed Ouyang Yingjun, chief physician of Neurology Department of Guangzhou first people’s Hospital, who gave professional comments on this video.

1. Not all Parkinson’s patients can ride a bicycle.

Ouyang Yingjun introduced that there are two types of Parkinson’s disease: one is tremor type, such as shaking hands severely, like shaking a fan; the other is muscular rigidity type. If the above subject belongs to tremor type, that is, excessive exercise leads to limb tremor, then he can ride a bicycle. As long as he gets on the bicycle, he has an inertial movement, and the riding movement is easier to master. However, for patients with myotonia, if the muscles are stiff and the body is unable to coordinate, it may not have such a good effect.

2. Half an hour after taking the medicine, the body will relax

It’s hard to say whether the subject rode the bike half an hour after taking the medicine? Because the tremor type Parkinson’s patients, after taking medicine for half an hour, the whole body muscles get relaxed, so the experiment in this video, whether the subject is in the best state half an hour after taking medicine to ride a bicycle, if he takes medicine for half an hour, this is also completely possible.

3. It’s hard to say that you don’t need to take medicine after cycling.

Is it true that, as the video says, after cycling, Parkinson’s patients’ hands don’t shake, and they don’t need to take medicine for a period of time. Ouyang Yingjun said that this should be treated in an individual way. Because the symptoms of some patients are very mild, even if they don’t take medicine for a period of time, the symptoms are not obviously aggravated.

In addition, it depends on whether the patient is in the early or middle stages of Parkinson’s disease. If it’s in the late stage, it’s not necessary to say, the effect of cycling is not good. If patients do cycling training in the early stage of the disease, it is very effective to improve Parkinson’s disease.

Ouyang Yingjun believes that the cases in the video are not conclusive, because it is difficult to generalize whether Parkinson’s patients can exercise without taking medicine for a period of time. However, in clinical practice, director Ouyang has not encountered a typical case that exercise has obvious curative effect on Parkinson’s disease.

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