From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

At the 2007 Asian Winter Games, deepness (formerly known as Du Haijun) was associated with snow sports as a photographer. In the following years, he followed the special training team of China skiing association to the United States for further training of skiing technology, and recorded the development process of the national team of China’s snow sports with images. During this period, the depth of silent learning, to deepen the understanding of skiing culture, professional technology.

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

As a skier and filmmaker, he devoted himself to the promotion of Beidahu ski resort, the earliest developed skiing pilgrimage site in China. As a result, he gradually made friends with many skiers in the skiing circle, which is called “snow relationship”. With the growth of skiing crowd in China, based on the demand of “taking photos” of skiing crowd, the “skiing app” was established in 2015, hoping to provide “taking photos” service for a wide range of skiing friends by using the Internet platform.

From “photo service” to “one stop service”

At first, the depth wanted to meet the needs of snow friends who like to “bask”. He used the image as the entry point to open the market of skiing app, took photos for skiers in more than 50 snow farms across the country, and built a photo wall for skiers on skiing app for each snow farm. The photo taking function accurately hit the pain point where it is difficult for skiing people to take self photos in sports, and produced a tap water effect in the skiing circle. The image service successfully brought the first group of skiing users to the skiing app.

In depth, there are three points in the summary of skiing crowd’s demand for taking photos: a group of skiing pictures that can be sent to the circle of friends, a snapshot that can show their highest level, and a picture that can make wechat avatar. This is also the social currency for skiers to enter the advanced skiing circle.

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

Photo works of Huabei app

After meeting the needs of skiers to “bask in” the sun, we found that skiing is like running, and snow friends want to know their taxiing mileage and speed. Therefore, the taxiing app launched the track function in 2016 (time): users can upload the data and photos of the taxiing track, and record the taxiing track completely, including taxiing position, taxiing speed and taxiing distance.

In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Huabei has set up GeoFences in 1134 ski resorts around the world to ensure that skiers can accurately and completely record their skis in any ski resort in the world. To provide users with “sun track” skiing tools, further meet the social needs of snow friends, and create social links for snow friends.

On the one hand, the track recording tool can help snow friends to record their skiing data and understand the geographical location of their friends during skiing; on the other hand, it is convenient to carry out online and offline skiing events. For example, skiing launched the “white marathon” skiing race in 2018 (time), with nearly 70000 snow friends participating in the race.

Starting in 2019, the app began to connect with some trading scenarios, providing services such as booking tickets and hotels. At present, China’s skiing industry as a whole is in the primary stage, the consumption structure is relatively single, mainly snow tickets, equipment, accommodation, catering, transportation. On the basis of meeting the demand of traditional services, skiing hopes to make the cake of skiing industry bigger, provide more abundant upgrading services for skiers, create more consumption scenarios and consumer demand, and help the industry bring more profit space.

According to the photo purchase transaction data provided by Huabei app, 40% of the photo purchase income comes from women, because women prefer to “bask in” and 20% are photos purchased by parents for children. This year, skiing has upgraded its service products for shooting on the snow, launched a personalized skiing travel photography service, and provided customized personal high-end services for snow friends. This service is mainly aimed at skiing travel, skiing holiday groups, especially women and families. Based on such high-end services, the snow tickets and hotel rooms of the ski resort are packaged to leave good memories for users in the ski destination.

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

In addition to providing services for existing skiing enthusiasts, Shubei is also trying to help “skiers” upgrade to “skiers”. For example, the “appointment coach” function will be launched soon. This function is mainly aimed at skiing Xiaobai, providing safety protection and entry guidance for beginners with lower consumption threshold. At the same time, it can help domestic ski instructors to be promoted to professional ski coaches, cultivate more and more excellent ski coaches, and meet the market gap.

This method originated in the United States in the 1970s, when the skiing industry in the United States developed rapidly. A large number of part-time ski instructors, as the supplement of full-time coaches, used the weekend time to guide the novices. The accumulated teaching time can obtain the fixed tickets and teaching scores of the ski resort, and at the same time solved the problem of insufficient weekend coaches in the ski resort. In depth, he said, “skiing is a relatively professional sport in China. Under the guidance of skiing instructors, they should master basic skills so that novices can have a better understanding of the sport and get better improvement only when they have interest. That’s what we’re trying to do for the vision of 300 million people going to the ice and snow

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

Take a helicopter to ski in Mount Cook, New Zealand

Promote the development of ice and snow tourism resources and empower the industrial development

At the 2020 Beijing winter Expo, according to the user data accumulated in the past five years, Huabei app released for the first time the list of “ten ski resorts in China that Huabei users like most”. This list is obtained through the comprehensive evaluation of the punch in data, sliding track, user activity and other dimensions recorded by users on the platform. Through nearly five years of accumulation and market penetration, skiing has basically covered 80% of the country’s skiing enthusiasts. In recent years, skiing industry is developing rapidly. In particular, the epidemic hit the whole skiing industry hard in the snow season of 2019-20, and brought new opportunities to the whole industry in the snow season of 20-21: in the past, people who went abroad to ski in Japan and Switzerland could only stay at home for consumption; in winter, many people chose to go abroad for vacation and leisure, and many people chose skiing destinations this year. This is an opportunity for the domestic skiing industry.

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

For skiing, while helping skiers fall in love with skiing, it is also necessary to help promote domestic ski resorts, so that skiers can feel the development and changes of domestic ski resorts in recent years. This is a little contribution they hope to make to the development of skiing industry. Next, some skiing crowd data will be released to help the industry have a more in-depth understanding of skiing crowd, such as skiing enthusiasts’ sports habits, consumer demand, differences between the north and the south, etc. Hua Bei thinks that this will help the government and enterprises to promote skiing, expand skiing crowd and better serve skiing crowd. Therefore, skiing now is not only a one-stop skiing service platform, but also a company that can provide data support for the government, enterprises and users.

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

Skiing in elbruz, the highest peak in Europe, the feeling of skiing in the clouds

Use big data to promote regional economy and respond to “ice and snow are golden mountains and silver mountains”

According to the data analysis of skiing app, skiing lovers in Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta are more willing to fly to Jilin to experience skiing. In cooperation with Jilin culture and Tourism Department, Huabei app held the opening ceremony of “interesting Jilin & middle; Huabei” in the new snow season. “Winter Olympics in Beijing” is the theme of the activity; With the theme of “experience in Jilin”, it is sponsored by Jilin Provincial Department of culture and tourism, undertaken by Huabei app, supported by Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee and China Ski Resort alliance, Jilin Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism, Baishan Municipal Bureau of culture, radio, television and tourism, Changbai Mountain Management Committee Bureau of tourism, culture and sports, Changbai Mountain International Resort and Vanke Songhua Lake Resort It is co sponsored by Beijing Tourism Development Zone and Beidahu ski resort.

Through the activity of “interesting Jilin & middot; skating”, Jilin Province introduced the advantages of “the golden latitude zone of ice and snow in the world” and “one of the three major snow bases in the world” and rich ice and snow products. The skiing app accurately and effectively promoted Jilin’s ice and snow resources to the skiing crowd, led the “skiing experience group” composed of thousands of skiing clubs and friends to experience Jilin’s key skiing products, and gathered VIP ice and snow economic investigation group through the deep “snow edge relationship” to jointly plan the industrial development direction of Jilin Province to achieve the regional economic goal of “snow for silver”. In depth, “we actively respond to the general secretary’s call that” ice and snow are also golden mountains and silver mountains “, and use the platform’s promotion ability and data ability to provide support for the development of ice and snow industry and regional economic development.”

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

“In terms of” North ice South Exhibition “, our data can play a positive role in industrial linkage. In recent years, rongchuang has built many indoor ski resorts in southern cities. According to our data, the indoor ski resort plays the role of “driving school”. After contacting skiing in the indoor ski resort and acquiring certain skills, the snow friends in southern cities will choose the skiing destination in the north to experience the fun of skiing in the ice and snow. ” In depth introduction, “our image service has established a preliminary contact with major snow farms all over the country, and is also helping them effectively solve practical difficulties. In the snow season of 2020-2021, skiing app will launch VIP membership system for the first time, so that skiing lovers can enjoy the benefits of exclusive ski resort. VIP members can buy 3-40% off tickets on weekdays in Taiwu ski town. They can also get free tickets from Jiangjunshan ski resort in Xinjiang. On the one hand, they can help some ski resorts reduce the contrast between weekdays off-season and weekend peak season. On the other hand, they can help ski resorts reach the far end market effectively. “

Skiing is the spiritual pursuit. Skiing tourism enriches leisure products

In depth introduction, “from the data of the past two years, skiing consumers will increase by multiple every year. Due to the impact of the epidemic since the beginning of 2020, all major ski resorts across the country did not open until November 14, reaching the highest peak before the epidemic last year in only half a month, two and a half months earlier than in previous years, so the retaliatory skiing season has arrived. “

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

In recent years, more and more people are “obsessed” with skiing, and they have taken in-depth photos of some industry leaders, entertainment stars, and enterprise executives. In depth introduction, “Yu Minhong, founder of New Oriental Education Group, is a skier. He said that skiing can make people leave their mobile phones for a period of time without being disturbed by others. They can only hear the wind and snow, feel the pleasure brought by rapid sliding, and forget all kinds of tedious things at work. It’s the beauty of skiing. “

Not long ago, deppon express opened the skiing service “snowboarding delivery”, and invited Liu Jiayu, the world champion of snowboarding, to be the “deppon express experience officer”. Cui Weixing, chairman and general manager of deppon express, likes snowboarding very much and promotes skiing in the company. He thinks that skiing can bring him constant challenges. Every time he skis, he will make progress and improve his pursuit. Whether it is skiing or managing a company, it is a process of constantly meeting problems, accepting challenges and solving difficulties.

From sunshine to competition! This app makes your skiing experience perfect

Skiing is not only a sport, a way of life, but also a choice for leisure and vacation. This is also the concept of “skiing tourism destination” being built in Jilin and Xinjiang. In winter, there are not only sunny beaches in Sanya, but also ice and snow in northern China. This year’s epidemic situation has provided a good opportunity for the domestic ski resort market. For example, Jilin Province is vigorously developing ice and snow tourism and holiday products this year, striving to attract holiday makers from Guangzhou, Shanghai and other remote markets. Customers from southern cities can not only experience snow sports, but also experience rich snow entertainment products, such as drifting in the snow and hunting in the snow. From this point of view, Skiing Vacation products can not only promote the sport, but also enable skiers to have a richer ice and snow experience. From this point of view, the penetration of skiing app in skiing crowd and the expansion of skiing service still have a lot of room for development.


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