I’m bored! Don’t talk endlessly about the new independence referendum!

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Scotland on the 28th local time, Reuters reported. In the face of Scotland’s recent rising call for a second “independence referendum”, Reuters said Johnson called on those Scottish “nationalists” on the same day not to “endlessly” talk about the new “independence referendum”.

I'm bored! Don't talk endlessly about the new independence referendum!

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“I don’t think it’s right to talk endlessly about another referendum. I think this country and the people of Scotland want to fight this epidemic very much.” According to reports, Johnson said in a laboratory outside Edinburgh, “I don’t see any advantage in being entangled in a meaningless constitutional struggle. After all, we just held a referendum a short time ago.”

According to the report, Johnson also quoted that the independence referendum is “only once in a generation.”. “Those people who talked endlessly about another referendum a few years ago said it was only once in a generation, and I tend to stick to what they said last time.”

I'm bored! Don't talk endlessly about the new independence referendum!

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On the 14th of this month, Johnson explicitly rejected Scotland’s request to hold a second referendum on independence this year, saying that the second referendum would lead Scotland to a political deadlock again. In an interview with the media, Johnson said that Scotland held an independence referendum in 2014, and Nicola sterkin, chief minister of the Scottish government and head of the Scottish National Party, had previously promised that the independence referendum “can only be held once a generation”.

Sturgeon later responded in a social media article that Johnson’s refusal to hold a second independent referendum in Scotland this year was “expected”, but it was “self deception”. She insisted Scotland should have the right to choose independence.

Before leaving for Scotland, Johnson said that “the common cooperation of the whole Britain is what the Scottish people expect.”. Sturgeon criticized Johnson’s planned visit to Scotland on the 27th. She questioned whether the latter’s reason for the visit was “really necessary” and said it set a bad example for the public.

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