How to cause gallstone to return a responsibility after splenectomy gallstone jaundice symptom

How to cause gallstone after splenectomy

1. If the splenectomy, the body’s hematopoietic function will lose 1 / 3, then the spleen’s hematopoietic function can not be used, only rely on bone marrow to hematopoiesis, it will easily cause their own anemia, that is to say, after splenectomy is easy to cause anemia symptoms, in this case, should be moderate is some blood products.

2. The spleen is the function of regulating blood in traditional Chinese medicine. The spleen is responsible for transporting the absorbed nutrients to the whole body and filtering out the excess water in the whole body. If the spleen is removed, it is easy to have bleeding symptoms that are not easy to control, because without blood, the control of the spleen will not be easy to control hemostasis.

3. So when there is a slight problem in the skin is the choice of conditioning, less than a last resort, the doctor will not recommend splenectomy. Because there are too many sequelae after splenectomy, splenectomy is not recommended under the condition of conditioning. According to the theory of health preservation in traditional Chinese medicine, the spleen is the central axis of the body, which shows the importance of the spleen.

Symptoms of cholelithiasis and jaundice

What are the symptoms of gallstone with jaundice? Gallstone mainly refers to the occurrence of stones in the gallbladder of patients, and patients with this disease will often have jaundice. At this time, patients will not only have abdominal pain and fever, but also show jaundice symptoms. If not treated in time, it will do harm to patients It’s very big.

Cholecystolithiasis is the most common disease in the biliary system, and this disease is relatively common in childhood. The older the average person is, the higher the risk of suffering from this disease is. After suffering from cholecystolithiasis, patients often have jaundice symptoms, which indicates that the disease of patients has been more serious. If there is no timely treatment, it will be severe Seriously endangering the health of patients. So, what are the symptoms of cholecystolithiasis combined with jaundice?

1. Patients with gallbladder stones with jaundice symptoms, the first performance for abdominal pain, which is also one of the most obvious symptoms, most patients in the attack have typical biliary colic, at the beginning of the right upper abdomen has paroxysmal spasmodic pain, after that, the pain will gradually aggravate, after the patient’s back will radiate pain, let the patient feel pain Already.


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