How does skin allergy redness do? How does skin allergy attack repeatedly do

How to deal with skin allergy, redness and swelling

Skin allergy is a multifactor syndrome in which the skin is easily irritated by various factors and produces subjective symptoms such as tingling, burning, tension and itching. The skin appearance is normal or accompanied by mild desquamation, erythema and dryness. Skin allergy is an allergic reaction, which is related to people’s natural constitution and needs to be dealt with in time.

Skin allergy refers to the skin is stimulated by many possible outside effects, resulting in allergic reactions, so that the skin has a burning, tight feeling, the more obvious symptom is erythema, swelling, not only affect the appearance of people, but also cause itching and other symptoms, it is intolerable. The main stimulating factors are cosmetics, environmental changes, etc. patients only need to deal with them in a timely manner and conduct various conditioning, and the redness and swelling will soon subside.

So when the whole body skin allergy swelling how to do?

1. The most important thing is to do a good job in cleaning the skin parts. It is best to choose a better living environment to avoid excessive dust contamination of the skin, resulting in rough skin. You can use good quality facial cleanser and toner to clean the face, so as to eliminate bacteria and clean the skin.

2. The use of cosmetics must not be greedy for cheap, and do not inferior products, let alone suddenly change the brand of cosmetics, otherwise the skin will be difficult to adapt to new cosmetics, resulting in allergic reactions.

3. Dry skin is the most taboo, to keep the skin moist at all times, you can use hydrating products to enhance the skin’s resistance, not only refreshing, but also beautiful.

4. For people with sensitive skin, I suggest that they should wear a mask and paper towel when going out to avoid excessive contact with the skin caused by wind and dust.

5. In the diet, we should pay attention to balanced nutrition, do not eat raw, cold, spicy and stimulating food, especially those who are allergic to seafood and fruits. We should pay special attention to what food we can’t eat, and it’s better not to eat. We can eat more fruits and vegetables and supplement vitamins, which will help to eliminate swelling and pain.

How does skin allergy attack repeatedly do

Allergic dermatitis incidence rate is very high Department of Dermatology disease, the disease seriously endangers the health of the patient’s physical and mental development, so in ordinary life, if once suffering from allergic dermatitis disease, should promptly cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, so as not to bring more serious harm to the health.

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