Dianzai Zhouji, canner incident, lijunya contract, Hong Kong and Taiwan’s decline

Radio Hong Kong’s A large number of netizens and members of the public have posted a post questioning that RTHK intentionally misled and intended to discredit the SAR government’s “poor arrangement”. As a public organization, RTHK not only failed to apologize for the incident, but also issued a so-called statement “condemning” the public. Recently, many groups of people have spontaneously petitioned RTHK, denouncing its news as untrue and biased, demanding to defend news neutrality And called for a thorough investigation.

There are a lot of problems with RTHK. Recently, it was reported that RTHK had not completed the investigation on Li Junya and extended her contract for another 120 days until the end of the investigation. Li Junya has not decided whether to accept the new contract, but if she refuses to accept it, she can leave with a “heavy burden”. Deng Decheng, who once applied for the director of broadcasting department, has these views on the shortcomings of RTHK. Let’s have a look at them!


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