Four new crown patients died in a hospital fire in Romania

A fire broke out in a designated hospital in Bucharest, Romania, where patients with a new type of coronavirus were admitted, killing at least four new coronavirus patients.

Another hospital in Romania caught fire last November, killing 10 people and injuring 7. (China News Agency)

The fire broke out on the first floor of the hospital on Friday morning local time. 120 patients needed emergency evacuation. The fire was put out at the scene. Three patients were confirmed dead on the spot and another died after rescue.

Three months ago, the hospital on fire made headlines in the local media because the ward couldn’t accommodate an increasing number of patients with new coronavirus, so patients had to be treated in the corridor. In November last year, another hospital in Romania caught fire, causing 10 deaths and 7 injuries. At that time, the government asked the national hospital to check the equipment of intensive care unit.

Editor in charge: Lin Wei

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