Japan’s one-day death record

Japan’s Broadcasting Association television reported today (29) that 4133 new confirmed cases and 113 new deaths of new coronal pneumonia were reported in the past day (28), which is the highest single day death case since the outbreak. Japan’s total number of confirmed cases is more than 380000, and the total number of deaths is more than 5500.

As of the 28th, it has been three weeks since the “one capital and three counties” in the capital circle of Japan entered into a state of emergency, but the epidemic situation has not been significantly alleviated. On the 28th, 1064 new cases were confirmed and 20 new deaths were reported in Tokyo, which also set a new high in the number of local deaths in a single day.

Japan's one-day death record “one capital, three counties” in Japan’s capital circle has entered a state of emergency for three weeks, but the epidemic situation has not been significantly alleviated. (Xinhua News Agency)

In addition, it has been two weeks since Osaka Prefecture, Kyoto Prefecture and Hyogo Prefecture entered the state of emergency again, but the epidemic situation has also improved. At present, the occupancy rate of hospital beds in Osaka Prefecture has exceeded 70%.

Editor in charge: Cai Yangzi

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