Us judge ordered trump group lawyers to submit more documents

On the 29th local time, a New York state judge issued an order as part of the investigation into the trump group, requiring law companies cooperating with the trump group to submit more documents to the New York State attorney general.

In the past month, New York Supreme Court judge Arthur engoron has issued a number of orders requiring the law companies Morgan Lewis and berkius to submit investigation documents, according to the US media quoted by In the order, he asked the law company to submit documents by email before February 4.

The trump group had previously argued that the documents were protected by lawyer client privilege, but in December 2020, ngoron ruled that not all the documents requested by the attorney general’s office enjoyed privilege of confidentiality. Ngoron wrote in the order that he had seen in private Sherry middot, Trump’s tax lawyer; Sheri Dillon handed over the documents, and said it was necessary to hand over the non privileged documents before February 4.

The New York Attorney General’s office has been investigating trump and the trump group since 2019. Former trump private lawyer Cohen testified in Congress that trump exaggerated the value of his assets in the annual financial statements in order to obtain preferential loans and insurance, and underestimated the value of other assets in order to reduce real estate tax.

Editor in charge: Mu Yu


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