Can masturbation be infertile small tomato ate much can be infertile

Will masturbation lead to infertility

1. Female friends have long-term masturbation habits, often due to unclean hands or unsanitary environment, leading to pathogens implanted into the body, resulting in inflammation and infection, lighter symptoms such as frequent urination, dysuria, severe abdominal pain, fever and other symptoms, if not treated in time, and continue to infect, it will develop into chronic inflammation, leading to infertility.

2. Female friends of the vagina is not long, under normal circumstances, the vagina is closed, can play a protective role. But if you masturbate for a long time, it is easy to send the pathogen directly into the vagina, causing inflammation of uterus and fallopian tube. Especially for tubal inflammation, easy to lead to tubal occlusion, may cause infertility.

3. Female friends often have some milky liquid from the vaginal outlet, commonly known as leucorrhea, in masturbation, will produce sexual impulse, resulting in increased leucorrhea, too much leucorrhea will provide good conditions for bacterial reproduction, so that bacteria into the reproductive organs, easy to cause inflammation, resulting in infertility.

Can small tomato eat much infertility

The nutritional value of small tomato is better than that of ordinary tomato. Small tomato, also known as grape tomato and cherry tomato, contains all the nutrients of tomato, and its vitamin content is 1.7 times that of ordinary tomato.

Small tomatoes contain some special substances such as glutathione and lycopene. These substances can promote the growth and development of the human body, especially the growth and development of children, and can increase the body’s resistance, delay the aging of people. In addition, lycopene can protect human body from carcinogenic toxins in cigarette and automobile exhaust, and improve the sun protection function of human body. In recent years, scientists in the United States and Germany have found that lycopene in tomato products can not only prevent and fight cancer, especially prostate cancer, but also treat prostate cancer.

But need to pay attention to, at night before going to bed by all means avoid eating too many small tomatoes, and fasting also don’t eat small tomatoes, bad for the stomach.

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