Lin Ka Tai, deputy director of social welfare, died on November 11

Lin Ka Tai, deputy director of social welfare, died on November 11

Photo: Lin Jiatai fainted in the office of SWD on June 20 and was sent to Eastern Hospital for treatment. /Information picture

[Ta Kung Pao] reporter Huang Haohui reported: Lin Jiatai, the retiring deputy director of social welfare (services), was found in the office of the Wan Chai Social Welfare Department on the morning of 20th this month. He was suspected of having a brain stem stroke and fainted. He was in critical condition after being sent to the hospital for rescue. He died on the 11th day of his stay in the hospital yesterday. He was 59 years old. The chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, and a number of Policy Bureau officials all sent a message of condolence He was deeply shocked and saddened by his sudden death and would do his best to provide appropriate assistance to his family.

At 8:08 a.m. on 20th this month, Lin Jiatai was found lying unconscious in the office of Wu Chung building in Wan Chai. He was rushed to Ruttonjee hospital by ambulance and then transferred to the intensive care ward of Eastern District Hospital for treatment. He was initially suspected of having a brain stem stroke. The doctor performed brain surgery and removed some blood clots for Lin that evening, but he was in critical condition until yesterday He was confirmed dead at 11:48 am on the 11th day of the hospital.

Brain stem stroke fainting Office

It is reported that Lin did not leave the office the night before the incident. He was suspected that he had fainted the night before and was not found by his colleagues until the next morning. It is temporarily unknown whether the cause of his brain stem stroke is related to illness or overwork.

The chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, said that she was deeply saddened by the death of Mrs Lam. She pointed out that when I worked with Mr Lam as director of social welfare from 2000 to 2003, I deeply felt his enthusiasm for work, his care for the elderly and the disadvantaged, and his commitment to the social work profession. He is modest, does everything by himself, is willing to listen, and actively solves problems. He is respected by social welfare circles and loved by colleagues. &”At the same time, the chief executive praised Lin for his filial piety and sincerity in serving his mother, so as to truly be the old man and the old man. He also described Lin as a model of a civil servant. He was deeply shocked and saddened by his sudden death, which was also a great loss to the SAR government.

The Chief Secretary for administration, Mr Cheung Kin Chung, the Secretary for labour and welfare, Mr Law Chi Kwong, the Secretary for the civil service, Mr Nie Tak Kuen, and the director of social welfare, Mr Leung song Tai, all expressed their mourning for the death of Mrs Lam.

Ke Chuangsheng, a member of the Legislative Council of the Democratic Alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong, mourned Lin Jiatai at the FB yesterday. He described Lin as an official who is close to the ground and serves the public attentively. He said that their acquaintance began when Lin was the welfare commissioner of Kwun Tong District. Whenever he asked him for help on social welfare matters in his district, the other side was always duty bound to follow up. Ke Chuangsheng still remembers that the last time he asked Lin Jiatai for help was to help a mother-in-law who had been waiting for a public residential care for the elderly for nearly ten years, and to resolve the crisis in time. He praised Lin Jiatai for his lifelong service to the public and helping the disadvantaged.

Helping the government deal with the shortage of masks

At the age of 59, Lin Jiatai is unmarried. He joined the SWD in July 1987 and was promoted to deputy director (service) in September 2013. Since then, Lin intended to retire and is planning to retire. Many colleagues who work with Lin Jiatai praise him for his gentleness, courtesy, friendliness and lack of airs.

In March last year, there was a shortage of masks in Hong Kong. Lin Jiatai has been assisting the government in dealing with the problem of masks, and has distributed 1 million masks to 1280 residential care service units for staff to use. On the 14th of the same month, he accompanied the chief executive, Mrs Carrie Lam, to visit the district organizations specialized in serving the mentally handicapped in Sham Shui Po and presented masks.

In addition, on 15 April last year, the SWD office on the 8th floor of Huzhong building received a suspicious white powder letter, which contained a letter of peace talisman and was addressed to Lin Jiatai. It was found that the white powder was censer dust.

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