Yanzhi is reasonable / for thousands of days, for consultation / Qu Yingyan

We’ve heard a lot about it, but do you know it has another sentence?

This saying comes from the 100th chapter of the romance of the Three Kingdoms: & lt; the imperial court has been keeping troops for thousands of days. If you use it for a while, you dare to complain and slow down your morale! &”That is to say: it takes thousands of days to raise troops, but you have many complaints, which affect the morale of the army.

All that can be recited through the ages are words of wisdom.

A few days ago, the government imposed a 48 hour mandatory test on a small area of Yau Ma Tei, mobilizing more than 3000 government personnel. Where do people come from? Of course, it is the urgent deployment of various departments. During the war, it is very important to have sufficient troops.

So the complaint came.

Two days ago, the media received an announcement from civil servants that some government departments needed to be & lt; handed over & gt; to help seal the area. The Department to which the informant belonged had to hand over 200 names in the first round, and those who were selected could not object. The informant said that many selected civil servants were very dissatisfied because the government had not consulted on this emergency arrangement in advance.

The official recruitment email attached to the disclosure letter, with the word “urgent”, states that the list of 200 people handed over is to prepare for the government’s next surprise closure. Civil servants of any rank have the opportunity to be selected, and all departments should contribute their staff in proportion to the number of people.

The emergency transfer list shall be decided by the way of drawing lots, and the volunteers shall take priority. The winner shall implement the block work without objection. Closed area work will be regarded as normal work without extra pay. Overtime work will be compensated in the form of & lt; overtime & gt.

This is obviously: to raise troops for thousands of days, to use it in one dynasty. The Hong Kong government often shows off how efficient, elite and responsible its 180000 civil servants are. After fighting and recruiting, it turns out that deserters are everywhere.

The civil servant who disclosed the news bombarded them. They had never been consulted before, but they had to draw lots for rework the next day. Many colleagues were very dissatisfied with this and angrily denounced them one after another: & lt; is it wrong to make a decision without asking for fear! &”Civil servants have to go to the blockade area to get rid of it! ”

I don’t know how representative this mentality is among civil servants? I only know that in the year of the epidemic, civil servants will not have to cut their salaries, let alone lose their jobs. They will be paid high salaries, and they will even work at home every day. It seems that the fight against the epidemic is just a matter for the Department of health, the medical staff and the police. When there is a need for large-scale testing, the government will also pay for outsourcing workers, or recruit retired disciplined services as volunteers. It never gives advice to those departments that are not involved in these matters but work at home.

Today, we are really short of manpower. We have to consult the army for thousands of days? Is there any mistake?

I remember the news from the mainland when Wuhan was closed. The Communist Party members were on the front line of fighting the epidemic for the first time. All civil servants at all levels cancelled their Spring Festival holidays and returned to their posts.

My friends are Guangdong civil servants. All their cadres go to work on the second day of the new year. They have to work in shifts on Saturdays and Sundays to ensure that all government departments can operate normally and have sufficient manpower to participate in the fight against the epidemic. My friend said that this is a responsibility and must be participated by the whole people. Even President Xi is at work. Who wants to take a vacation?

Look at our so-called excellent civil servants, who should be consulted for urgent transfer? On the battlefield, bombs fly by. Which one should we vote to block? As citizens and taxpayers, we are really speechless.


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