Breaking the rule of law

Criticism from all walks of life in Hong Kong of Xia Boyi’s political stance will only force other members of the bar association to take a political color. At the same time, we urge the relevant departments to investigate Xia Boyi strictly and deal with him in accordance with the law if he violates the law of national security.

Chen Yong, deputy to the National People’s Congress and vice chairman of the Democratic Alliance for the betterment of Hong Kong, said that as a barrister, Xia Boyi should have a full understanding of the basic law, but as the chairman of the bar association, he made a false statement. If he was ignorant, his qualification would have to be examined; if he knew the law and violated the law, and if he confused black and white, his crime would be aggravated. He continued that the frequent occurrence of Mafia in Hong Kong was also related to the deliberate misinterpretation of the law by some lawyers and the incitement of others to break the law. Therefore, he urged that Xia Boyi be strictly investigated. If he violates the national security law, he should be dealt with in accordance with the law. After all, everyone is equal before the law, so as to safeguard the legal basis of Hong Kong.

Liang Meifen, a member of the Legislative Council of the United Democratic and Economic Commission, pointed out that Xia Boyi was “unrealistic” and criticized him for openly interfering in politics in the name of a professional association, hoping that he would “return to his profession”;. She said that everyone in China wants to protect the country and support the national security law. As a foreigner, Xia Boyi can’t understand it. It’s very inappropriate for him to interfere in the internal affairs of the Chinese people. She added that the bar association was criticized for being too politicized, and that the change of term should have been a good start. However, Xia Boyi talked about politics again, which forced other members of the bar association to take on a political color.

Shao Jiahui, a member of the wholesale and retail sectors of the Legislative Council and vice chairman of the Liberal Party, said that as a senior barrister, Xia Boyi arbitrarily proposed amendments to the Hong Kong national security law enacted by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, which overestimated his own energy and belittled his professional integrity. He also said that in recent years, the Hong Kong Bar Association’s political statements have been unfair. It adheres to the “two yardsticks” attitude, often favors the speculation camp, and constantly makes strong attacks against the state, the SAR government and the establishment faction. In the long run, the credibility of the Bar Association will only get lower and lower.

Gong Jingyi, a barrister, believes that Xia Boyi should know more about the real public opinion of the people of Hong Kong. If he knows that millions of people have signed their names in support of the national security law in a short period of time, he will understand how popular the current national security law is and how it is in line with the democratic system of modern Hong Kong society, so as to truly “stop violence and control chaos”;.

Ta Kung Pao reporter Wu Ziyan, Dian news reporter


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