Li Junya’s signing of the temporary contract between Hong Kong and Taiwan

RTHK’s Huang Ji Li Junya was involved in the complaint. RTHK restarted the investigation earlier. However, no result was found before the end of the probation period of 120 days. RTHK then offered Li Junya a new temporary contract for 120 days. However, RTHK’s program producers’ Union blackened it and accused it of unreasonable suppression. More recently, RTHK’s staff launched a so-called flash action in support of Li Junya and demanded justice from their colleagues. Zheng Qing thought that she would see the “grand finale” of brotherhood, which emphasizes emotion and righteousness, and “go up and down together and leave together”. Unexpectedly, Li Junya quietly accepted the temporary contract, which made the brotherhood very disappointed, but she had no choice but to praise her for her soft waist;.

What’s more, it’s an unequal contract? Do you want to pledge allegiance to the SAR government? &”After hearing the news, netizens frequently said,” the most honest body “,” the most important thing to be a man is to have food “, & lt; the kind of anti-government that bad fruit contends to please”, & lt; when giving alms to beggars “;! Some people are also dissatisfied with the practice of Hong Kong and Taiwan, pointing out that lijunya’s ideology of Hong Kong Independence has been obstinate and that it will not deal with the inevitable “big pot” in the future;.

Some netizens pointed to RTHK’s “cunning” and pointed out that repeated signing of temporary contracts is simply “hiding people’s eyes and ears” and “being a long-term worker in disguise”;!

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