Sydney reopens borders with Australia for 11 consecutive days

Sydney reopens borders with Australia for 11 consecutive days

Photo: according to the requirements of epidemic prevention, people in Sydney wore masks in the shopping center on March 3. /Associated Press

[Ta Kung Pao] according to Reuters and Australian news, New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, had no new diagnosis on the 28th, which was 11 days in a row. Neighboring Queensland and South Australia will reopen their borders with new state and greater Sydney respectively. The control of the epidemic has made it possible to cross the border freely. The governor of Queensland celebrates that this is a good time for family reunion and holiday planning.

The epidemic situation in Sydney, the capital of the new state, worsened in late December. Each state has tightened border restrictions on the new state and disrupted the Christmas holiday arrangements for tens of thousands of people. So far, there have been about 180 cases of related infection groups. After the rapid epidemic prevention, detection and tracking in Xinzhou and curbing the epidemic from the source, the diagnosis was zero for 11 consecutive days, laying the foundation for reopening the border.

On the 28th, the governor of Queensland, palashchuk, announced that the border between Queensland and new state will be reopened on February 1. &”So it’s a good time for families to get together and for people to plan their holidays. ”

From the 31st of this month, visitors from the greater Sydney area will not need to be quarantined for the 14th. According to the regulations, these passengers are required to be tested for the new coronavirus on the 1st, 5th and 12th day after arriving in Nan’ao. If the test results on day 1 are negative, they will be allowed to enter the community normally.

In addition, Sydney will also extend the time limit for gathering. In addition to taking public transport, people will not have to wear masks when shopping in stores.


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