Guterres puts forward ten key tasks of the United Nations in 2021

Guterres puts forward ten key tasks of the United Nations in 2021

Guterres reports to Member States on UN priorities in 2021 at the UN General Assembly (AP Photo)

On the 28th local time, UN Secretary General Guterres reported to Member States at the UN General Assembly on the key work of the UN in 2021. Guterres said that 2020 brings sadness and difficulties, and the world must be put back on track in 2021.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the ten major task of the United Nations in the new year. It includes coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, implementing sustainable recovery, living in harmony with nature, solving poverty and inequality, respecting human rights, promoting gender equality, restoring geopolitical turbulence, seeking consensus, preventing nuclear weapons proliferation, using digital technology and preventing risks and “ and restarting &rdquo twenty-first Century.

In explaining the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic spreading around the world, Guterres stressed again that COVID-19 vaccine must be provided as a global public product at affordable prices to all people. We can’t fight the epidemic from country to country.

He warned that if the virus spreads like wildfire in developing countries, it will inevitably have variants, become more contagious and lethal, and eventually become more resistant to vaccines, and then spread back to developed countries. In addition, recent studies show that hoarding vaccines will cause 9.2 trillion losses to the global economy, almost half of which are in the richest countries.

Guterres said that in novel coronavirus pneumonia recovery, the global should follow the guidance of the UN’s 2030 sustainable development goals and establish a comprehensive, inclusive and sustainable economic recovery process.

In addition, in his report, Guterres once again called on all countries, institutions and companies around the world to take concrete actions to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050. The following are the ten key points advocated by Guterres:

1, novel coronavirus pneumonia should be treated globally.

2. If the economy is still bad, it will not be able to recover from the virus, so an inclusive and sustainable recovery should be started immediately;

3. Live in harmony with nature;

4. To solve the “plague” of poverty and inequality;;

5. Change the violation of human rights;

6. The greatest challenge of human power: gender equality;

7. Cure geopolitical rift and seek consensus;

8. Change the current situation of the erosion of the process of disarmament and nuclear non-proliferation;

9. Seize the opportunities of digital technology, but at the same time guard against the growing risks;

10. We should “reset” the 21st century and seek a more inclusive multilateral governance plan.


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