Independent Prime Minister Johnson’s emergency “fire fighting” in Scotland

On the 28th local time, British Prime Minister Johnson went to Scotland to try to “put out an emergency fire” in response to the growing call for a second “independence referendum”;. Johnson said on the same day, “I don’t think it’s right to talk endlessly about another referendum when people all over the UK, especially in Scotland, want to fight the epidemic.”. ”

It is reported that Scotland has recently launched another wave of “brexit” independence as a result of factors such as Britain’s “cut off” relationship with the European Union and Johnson’s alleged ineffective fight against the epidemic.

On January 27, the SNP released its “referendum roadmap” on Scottish independence, including 11 key points, which set out how the SNP intends to push forward its plan to hold another referendum on the issue.

During his visit to Scotland, Johnson expressed dissatisfaction with this and said & lt; I don’t see any benefits lost in the meaningless constitutional struggle. &”In 2014, Scotland held an independence referendum, but at that time most Scots chose to stay in the UK;.

As part of his visit, Johnson also went to the new crown test facility in Glasgow on the same day. “Going out to meet businesses, communities and people is an essential part of the prime minister’s job,” a Johnson spokesman said. ”

However, Scotland’s chief minister, Stephen sterkin, previously questioned whether Johnson’s trip was necessary at a time when travel restrictions were imposed due to the epidemic.

The report pointed out that Johnson had repeatedly expressed his opposition to the Scottish independence referendum and suggested that no referendum be held in 40 years. The opposition also accuses Sitkin and the Scotland National Party of pushing Scotland independence before COVID-19.

The report said that if Scotland became an independent country, Britain would lose about one third of its land and nearly 10% of its population.


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