Chilean President meets China’s new vaccine at Airport

On January 28 local time, the new coronavirus vaccine developed by China’s Kexing company arrived in Chile, and Chilean President Pinella went to the airport to meet him.

Pinera said at the welcoming ceremony that this is an exciting and expected day, and China’s Kexing new crown vaccine is crucial to Chile’s fight against the epidemic. Pinera said that Chile will start mass vaccination from February 3, and Pinera himself will be vaccinated with China’s Kexing vaccine in the second week of February. Chilean epidemic prevention experts have previously said that all new crown vaccines purchased by the government, including China Kexing vaccine, are safe and effective, and the public can be assured of vaccination.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed on January 28th, 4260 new cases were confirmed, and 134 new deaths were recorded. The number of deaths was the highest in July 2020, with 714143 cases diagnosed and 18174 deaths.


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