Five lawyers of trump team were exposed to leave before the impeachment trial

Sources said that more than a week before the impeachment trial of former US President Donald Trump began, five impeachment lawyers for trump had left his team because of differences over his legal strategy.

Five impeachment lawyers for Five lawyers of trump team were exposed to leave before the impeachment trial trump have been revealed to have left their team because of differences over their legal strategy. (AP)

According to CNN, two of the chief lawyers, Butch Bowers, played an important role in the trial of trump in the Senate. He and Deborah Barbier, another lawyer, have left Trump’s team.

US media “politico” said that this is a joint decision of both sides, which makes Trump’s defense team in confusion, because he is preparing for the impeachment case that starts on February 8. The departure of impeachment lawyers brings two practical problems, namely, what causes them to leave, and who will replace them in trump’s impeachment case. Trump is difficult to seek help in his second impeachment case When it comes to legal aid, some lawyers who worked for his first impeachment said they would not do it again.

According to the previous news, Trump’s impeachment trial will begin on February 8. This impeachment against trump is the second time in his term of office. In December 2019, trump was impeached for “abusing power and obstructing the operation of Congress”. He is the first president to be impeached twice in the history of the United States.

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