British media: Europe’s “worst” crisis may be detonated

The times website published on January 28, entitled “will the EU and the UK break out a trade war over vaccine exports? 》There are differences within the EU on how to deal with the conflict between the EU and the UK over the new vaccine, according to the article. Some hardliners, led by Germany, threatened to stop exporting Pfizer’s vaccines to the UK, while others wanted to avoid setting obstacles.

The article said that there are endless disputes within the EU, and many member states do not want to see the outbreak of trade wars and tit for tat export bans on key drugs in the future. At the same time, the EU’s vaccination rate is far lower than that of the UK, which could trigger a major political crisis in the coming months and lead to social unrest.

The reduction in AstraZeneca’s supply could derail the EU’s vaccination program. A small number of influential member states, led by Germany, hope that the EU will take drastic action to obtain the vaccines produced by AstraZeneca in the UK, and prevent the export of vaccines produced by pharmaceutical companies in the EU to the UK.

German health minister Jens Spang called on the EU and the UK to share equally the burden of the decline in AstraZeneca’s vaccine production, which means tens of millions of doses of British vaccines need to be transported to the EU.

The article also said that some people, including some members of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) led by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who are usually moderate in stance, vehemently expounded the severity of the threat. They called for a “trade war” if Britain did not agree to share the vaccine with Europe. “The United States and the United Kingdom do not treat the EU fairly, we have to show our weapons,” said Peter lizer, a senior member of the CDU “The only consequence may be an immediate ban on exports,” he warned. AstraZeneca and the UK had better think twice. “

On the opposite side of this issue are countries such as Ireland, which want to avoid confrontation because it could undermine the relationship with Britain that has been in place for decades.

An EU diplomat said: “when some German people speak like trump, we should take a deep breath and count to ten to calm down. A vaccine war between the EU and the UK is one of the worst situations that could be faced right now. “

Behind the scenes, people in both camps are increasingly angry about the failure of the EU’s vaccine policy, which will have far-reaching effects in the coming months and herald a political crisis as serious as the near collapse of the eurozone a decade ago.



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