Sinopharm Xinguan vaccine approved for use in Hungary

Budapest, January 29 (Xinhua) Hungary’s chief medical officer Miller Cecilia announced on the 29th that the new crown vaccine produced by Sinopharm has been approved for use in Hungary.

Miller announced the news at a news conference on the same day. She said that the Hungarian National Institute of pharmacy and nutrition approved the approval of the new crown vaccine produced by Sinopharm on the 29th.

Hungarian prime minister Orban said in an interview with local media earlier in the day that he was very confident in China’s new vaccine.

Data released by the Hungarian COVID-19 prevention and control center on 29 may show that in the past 24 hours, 1459 new cases were confirmed in the country, 364909 cases were accumulatively diagnosed, 83 cases were newly killed, 12374 cases died, and 254783 cases were cured.

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