With contact lenses pay to wear? Watch out for eye injuries

With contact lenses pay to wear? Watch out for eye injuries

Jinyang.com Author: Chen Yingping Wei Chunfu July 3, 2018

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Many people like to wear contact lenses, but ophthalmologists remind that contact lenses not only need to know the power, but also need to choose the most suitable lens according to the eye shape, eye surface state and eye condition.

With contact lenses pay to wear? Watch out for eye injuries

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Many people like to choose contact lenses, it has a wide field of vision, beautiful As a result, many optical stores or online stores sell contact lenses. So, is it OK to pay for a pair of lenses with the same power as the frame glasses you wear? No! Dr. Yang Xiao, chief physician of refraction Department of Zhongshan Eye Center, reminds us that there are many requirements for the fitting of contact lenses. Do not buy contact lenses casually or use them carelessly. Otherwise, it will cause damage to eyes and even permanent damage to vision.

Is the power of contact lens the same as that of frame lens? Big mistake!

Xiaoqiu is a 22-year-old college student. She is short-sighted and has been wearing frame glasses for many years. But her classmates always say that the glasses block her watery glasses and reduce her face value. It’s a pity!

Xiaoqiu then bought contact lenses on Taobao according to the power of her glasses. After wearing them, she found that she was dizzy. After consulting, she found that it might be because the power was too deep, so she went to the hospital for ophthalmic examination and fitting. Chief physician Yang Xiao said, “it’s not easy to buy contact lenses simply by looking at which one is good-looking and cheap.” she stressed that contact lenses belong to medical devices rather than ordinary commodities, but the management of this area in the market is not strict, and many opticians themselves lack relevant knowledge, which leads to the common phenomenon of unreasonable wearing of contact lenses.   

Wear contact lenses, remember these four principles

How to wear contact lenses scientifically? According to Yang Xiao, matching contact lenses requires not only knowing the power, but also choosing the most suitable lens according to the eye shape, eye surface state and eye condition, which requires the guidance of professionals. In Europe and the United States, the purchase of contact lenses is managed according to the prescription, which is similar to antibiotics and other drugs. When you buy contact lenses in pharmacies, you need professional medical prescriptions.

It is suggested that China’s contact lens management can refer to Europe and the United States. If you want to buy your own contact lens, you can go to a professional ophthalmologist for inspection and fitting for the first time, and get the contact lens prescription issued by an ophthalmologist and suitable for your own eye parameters. The specific prescription requirements include the following suggestions.

1. There are special requirements for lens power

According to Yang Xiao, the power of contact lenses is different from that of frame glasses. There is a conversion formula between the two. Generally, the power of nearsighted people wearing contact lenses is lower than that of frame glasses. The higher the power of nearsightedness is, the greater the reduction is required. For hyperopia, the power of contact lenses is higher than that of frame glasses. Specific need to calculate or refer to the table value of empirical method. 2. The radian and diameter of the lens vary from person to person

The curvature and size of each person’s eyes are different. Therefore, when purchasing contact lenses, we should measure the corneal curvature, and choose contact lenses with different radians and diameters according to the corneal curvature and corneal diameter.

3. Dry eye patients choose low water content lenses

Some people have been prone to visual fatigue, prone to “dry eye”, wearing contact lenses will be more serious. This kind of people’s tear film is easy to dry, and the tears evaporate and absorb quickly. In this case should choose low water content, medium thickness of the lens, so that the evaporation of water in the eyes will be less.

4. The requirements of lens materials are different,

Eyes need oxygen, hypoxia will produce complications, patients feel dry eyes, eye congestion. Contact lenses act as a barrier to prevent oxygen from entering the eyes. The thicker the lens, the more severe the barrier. The higher the power, the thicker the contact lens, the more you should choose materials with good oxygen permeability.

Zhiduo D: contact lenses should also be rechecked once a half year,

Experts remind that the prescription of contact lenses is not immutable, and it needs to be reviewed regularly to adjust the prescription. According to the management of contact lens medical devices in Europe and America, the validity period of the prescription is half a year. Therefore, the wearer needs to review the eye condition for half a year, and then update the prescription of contact lenses, so as to avoid adverse reactions and ensure clear, comfortable and safe wearing of contact lenses.

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With contact lenses pay to wear? Watch out for eye injuries

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