Biden wants to set the tone for us Iraq relations

On the 27th, the US military dispatched a B-52 strategic bomber to fly over the Middle East. This is the first time since Democratic President Joseph Biden took office that the US military has carried out the so-called “cruise to maintain its presence” mission in the Middle East.

This cruise mission is the third time that the US military has used B-52 bombers in the Middle East this year;.

The first two occurred during the term of former president Donald Trump. According to Al Jazeera, since November last year, the U.S. military has performed six similar missions, which are seen as aimed at deterring Iran.

The U.S. central command issued a statement late on the 27th that the B-52 bomber on the cruise mission belongs to the second bomber wing of Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana. During the flight, the B-52 bomber is accompanied by U.S. fighters and refueling planes, and the f-15sa fighter of the Saudi Air force participates in the escort flight, aiming to prove that & lt; The U.S. military’s ability to deploy air forces anywhere in the world to deter potential aggression shows its commitment to regional security;.

The B-52 bomber, nicknamed “stratospheric fortress”, can carry nuclear weapons and a variety of precision guided weapons. According to the information of the US military, it can fly at high subsonic speed at an altitude of 50000 feet (15.24 km) and fly over 8800 miles (14000 km) under full fuel.

Biden’s campaign signaled that he wanted the United States to return to a comprehensive agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue. Al Jazeera analysis, the U.S. move shows that the U.S. policy toward Iraq has not yet changed.

  Biden wants to set the tone for us Iraq relations

On January 2, people attended a memorial service for the anniversary of the death of Sulaimani, commander of the “Al Quds brigade” of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard in Kerman, Iran. On January 3, 2020, the United States launched an attack in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, killing Sulaimani and others. (Xinhua news agency, photo by Ahmed & middot; harabisas)

The new U.S. Secretary of state Anthony blinding reiterated his position on Iran at the Senate nomination hearing last week on the 27th: as long as Iran re abides by the Iran nuclear agreement, the Biden administration is willing to reduce the sanctions imposed on Iran by the trump administration, and seek to strengthen the Iran nuclear agreement and extend its term. It’s just that we’re still a long way from here;.

Iran has yet to respond to the US military’s action on the 27th. After the B-52 bomber’s last cruise mission, Iran’s Foreign Minister Muhammad al Jawad al Zarif responded on twitter, suggesting that the United States save military expenses for its own people’s medical care, rather than intimidating other countries.

Zarif tweeted on the 26th: “the United States has no reason to break the agreement. They must correct their mistakes, and then Iran will respond. ”

In May 2018, the U.S. government unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement and exerted extreme pressure on Iran;. As a counter measure, Iran will suspend the implementation of some provisions of the agreement in stages from May 2019. In November last year, Iranian nuclear scientist Muhammad fahrizad was assassinated and killed, which made us Iran relations tense again. The Iranian government determined that the assassination was committed by US ally Israel and vowed revenge.

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