EU cancels restrictions on vaccine exports

EU cancels restrictions on vaccine exports AstraZeneca pharmaceutical factory greatly reduces the quantity of vaccines supplied to EU. (Xinhua News Agency)

The EU has issued new regulations on the export of vaccines, abolishing the measures to restrict the export of vaccines, but all vaccines transported to Northern Ireland via Ireland must be registered in quantity. The UK said that the EU made a mistake in the incident and has been assured by the EU that it will not interfere with the supply of vaccines to the UK.

Pfizer of the United States and AstraZeneca of the United Kingdom announced earlier that they would reduce the supply of vaccines. The vaccines provided by AstraZeneca to the European Union would be greatly reduced by 60%, but the vaccines supplied to the United Kingdom would not be affected.

In order to prevent vaccines from entering the UK through the “back door”, the European Union announced on Friday that it would launch the emergency provisions of the brexit agreement and suspend the free movement of goods into and out of the Northern Ireland border, which aroused strong dissatisfaction from the UK, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

The European Union later admitted its mistake and announced the withdrawal of the decision. At the same time, it revised the measures on Saturday, indicating that it would not prevent the vaccine from being transported to Northern Ireland through Ireland, but it must first register the quantity in Dublin, Ireland. EU officials pointed out that they were worried that the vaccine would be transported to places outside Europe through Northern Ireland, so they set up the relevant mechanism.

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