Foreign media: North Korea’s latest submarine launched missile in military parade

According to state media reports, North Korea held a military parade on Thursday night to display suspected new submarine launched ballistic missiles, ending the Eighth National Congress of the workers’ Party of Korea in more than a week, foreign media said.

Show strength to the new US government

North Korea’s top leader, Kim Jong Un, waved with a smile as he reviewed the military parade at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, according to photos from North Korea’s state media.

In addition to the marching soldiers, the parade also focused on a series of military equipment, the report said. Finally, trucks carrying a variety of weapons passed through the square, and analysts believed that they looked like new short-range ballistic missiles and submarine launched ballistic missiles.

“Strategic submarine launched missiles and the world’s strongest weapons have also entered the square, strongly demonstrating the power of a strong revolutionary army,” the KCNA report said. ”

The report noted that photos released by North Korea’s state media showed that the submarine launched ballistic missile was marked with “polaris-5” which may be an upgraded version of the “polaris-4” missile displayed at the larger military parade in October 2020.

&”This new missile must look longer,” Michael duzman, a researcher at the James & middot; Martin Center for non proliferation of nuclear weapons in California, said on social media.

As US President trump is about to leave office, North Korea held its second military parade in three months on Thursday to commemorate the closing of the Party Congress, according to a report on the website of the Peng Bo news agency on January 15. The parade showed technological progress, including new submarine launched ballistic missiles.


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