Foreign media: worry about Biden’s giving up extreme pressure

Jerusalem, January 14 (Reuters) – Israel is revising its military plan for a possible conflict with Iran, an Israeli newspaper reported on Thursday local time. At present, the government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing for Israel’s disagreement with the incoming Biden administration on Iran’s nuclear policy.

According to the report, US President trump withdrew from the 2015 nuclear agreement with Iran and re implemented the sanctions previously cancelled, which greatly pleased Netanyahu.

The report also said that US President elect Biden hopes that if Tehran strictly abides by the Iran nuclear agreement again, the United States will rejoin the agreement.

An article on the front page of Israel today, Israel’s daily newspaper with the largest circulation, said that the Israeli military is considering three options to & quot; sabotage Iran’s nuclear efforts, or, if necessary, confront Iran’s aggression, which will soon be submitted to the government;.

The report quoted defense minister Benny & middot; Ganz as saying: “Israel needs to consider a military plan. ”

The report points out that Israel has long worked out a plan to confront Iran. This report seems to be an indication that Israel is updating these plans.

According to the report, Israeli officials hope Biden can maintain Trump’s extreme pressure action on Tehran, including severe sanctions, until Iran cancels its nuclear program.

But Israel’s finance minister, Israel & middot; Katz, admitted on military radio: “it’s certainly challenging to have a dispute over Iran’s views. ”


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