Who: traceability research is very difficult, thanks for China’s strong support

On January 15th, novel coronavirus pneumonia was held by the who at the press conference. Michael, &middot, who is responsible for health emergency project of the who, introduced Ruian’s relevant situation to the group, stressed the complexity and long-term nature of the tracing work, and especially thanked the Chinese side.

Ryan said that the issue of traceability was discussed when director general Tan Desai visited China in January last year and who sent a working group to China in February. In May last year, the 73rd who General Assembly passed a resolution requiring the director general to set up an expert team to carry out virus traceability research. The who advanced expert group visited China in July last year and worked out the work assignment of this international expert group. This expert group brings together the best experts in related fields from many countries. Its goal is to find scientific answers to understand the animal origin of the virus, protect public health and deal with possible future pandemics. Thanks for China’s strong support, the expert group is able to make a trip this time. This achievement has not come easily. However, it is often very difficult to trace the source of research, which can not ensure the final answer. In the past, such research often went through several efforts and spent a lot of time. The expert group has received warm hospitality from the Chinese government, people and Wuhan city of Hubei Province. I hope that everything goes well with them.


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