“What planet are you from? Diego Maradona? “

The first time I watched Maradona play was in the 1990 World Cup in Italy.

I’ve been a German fan since that year, so for me (and my dad), Maradona is a potential opponent.

My dad told me a lot about how terrible Maradona was at the 1986 World Cup. Such as his “hand of God” against England and the well-known goal of the century.

For example, in the 1986 World Cup final, Argentina first LED Germany 2-0, then was chased to a 2-2 draw, and then Maradona instigated a goal to lock in the champion.

I watched the 1990 World Cup intermittently. I only remember the match between Argentina and Brazil on video or in the news. My dad said that he had always appreciated the Brazilian carreka. It was like Brazil played the gatepost many times and pressed Argentina to play in that game. When Maradona brought the ball alone to attract the attention of all Brazilian people, kanigia directly sent Brazil home.

It’s just a single run, and the result changes.

I said Maradona was awesome. My dad said it was nothing. He used to do that in 1986.

In the early 1990s, when various newspapers broadcast about Maradona, they often use the term “Maradona the king”.

There are even comic sketches telling stories about him, probably similar to this kind of stem:

“Maradona the king!” “Oh, there are more cows than horses!”

In the age of underdeveloped media, the word Maradona also entered the popular culture – not limited to football.

At that time, I only heard of “Pele” and “Maradona”.

By the way, when we talked about the champion at that time, it was “Ali” and “Tyson”.

So I remember: Maradona is the king.

At that time, if the newspapers talked about small and flexible players, they liked to use the reputation of “short legged tiger”. For example, Zhao Dayu in Guangdong and Peng Weiguo later. To put it bluntly, “Maradona is also a tigress!”

Then, the 1994 World Cup.

I watched the match between Argentina and Greece. I can’t remember whether it was live or recorded. I remember it was 4-0, Batistuta scored a hat trick, Maradona scored a goal in front of the penalty area. After the goal, he yelled at the camera. I was surprised. I couldn’t understand how good his technique was at that time. The impact of this emotion is still fresh in my memory.

Later that year, after Batti scored for Fiorentina in Serie A, he went to the corner and stood on his hips. My dad said that Argentines are so passionate.

“But Maradona is the craziest.”

My father used the word “renlaicrazy”. In our Wuxi dialect, the emotion is complex.

On the one hand, it is derogatory to describe a person who is very rough; on the other hand, it is commendatory to describe a person who is really tough and can stand a big scene.

And then Maradona, as we all know, ephedrine, was banned.

Then Argentina was eliminated by Romania.

I remember that the trumps in Romania at that time were raduccio (a blonde killer), Dumitrescu, and “Maradona of the Carpathians” Haji. When I said that in the news, I was surprised: why kuahaji should use Maradona? I know he’s good, but how good is he?

That year, Saudi Arabia made it to the top 16 of the world cup, and o’veylan made it to the top of the world cup. The media said it could be compared with the long-distance attack of Maradona in 1986.

I thought: why is Maradona said everywhere?

Then two years later, it was said that Boca youth team was coming to work sports to play. Everyone said that Maradona was coming. Some of the elders even wanted to go to work sports by train. I was a bit at a loss.

At that time, the red one was Ronaldo. After he scored the magic half court attack goal against combostera, everyone said that he was very much like Maradona.

I thought: why talk about Maradona again? How many runs has he scored? How good was he at his peak?

In 1992, there was a football game on FC, called goal 2. The game was a rare perspective on FC (similar to the 45 degree of Xianjian 1).

There is no player’s name, but there are three items: speed, shooting and tackle. 10 points system.

But Argentina midfield has a person’s number is: 12, 12, 11.

I thought it was a data overflow at first. Later, I guess it was Maradona.

Just as Maradona faded out of football, I started looking for his videos.

Watch Argentina’s 1986 World Cup, watch Argentina’s 1990 World Cup. Watch him play Barcelona and Napoli.

Then, I felt shocked by my world outlook.

I haven’t seen such a way before and after: playing football alone, purposefully saying “I just want to break your whole defense by myself”, and then rushing through. I’ve seen a lot of breakthrough masters, but most of them are flash show, counterattack, take advantage of the situation and so on. Like Maradona in 1986, it’s hard to face, but it’s gone.

Against South Korea in 1986, his assists decided to win. To Italy, he snatches the body position from the captain sirea side forcibly, the small angle goal. Don’t mention England’s two historic goals. For Belgium, a Romario style snatch point, the far angle of the outer instep ejection, a breakthrough four push far angle.

I didn’t know the sense of the ball before. Watching Maradona play, I felt a little bit (later two years, when Bergkamp and Zidane touched the ball, they gave me a similar feeling).

I also understand why the height is very different, but at that time many people like to boast about aliens like Maradona – balance, ball stick to the foot, between the square inch, any part of the foot can handle the ball soft, can’t pull, can’t pull, can’t surround, people just like a ball dribble.

I don’t know if Maradona is the first star in history, but I don’t think many people will object to saying that he is the best player in history.

Didn’t Platini say it all? “What Zidane can do with football, Diego can play with oranges.”

I remember watching the video again. What impressed me most was not his two goals against England in 1986 – the most cunning handball and the most magnificent goal of the century – but Argentina’s game against South Korea.

Maradona didn’t score that game, but he was the focus of the game. It’s not just that he started the goal, it’s also that:

I watched the South Korean team do all the dirty tricks – we are all familiar with the conduct of the South Korean team – to greet Maradona, Maradona fell down countless times; but every time, as long as it is possible to stand up, he will desperately stand up and move forward.

For example, such a ball: shovel his own people down, Maradona crawling forward.

In addition to the ball feel skills, in addition to balance, but also his Hun and tough.

At the beginning of 1997, I read a magazine and said that there are many evil leaders. Such as Cantona (then Manchester United king), such as matteus (at that time Bayern and Klinsmann were at odds), such as Chilavert (roaring South America) But Maradona is the most tough and tough man.

We all know about him. In 1982, Argentina got a red card in the world cup and was banned in 1994, which indirectly led to Argentina’s exit. As for shooting reporters and other activities, they are continuous. But miraculously, I don’t know if we are used to it, or if he is so outstanding that at that time everyone seems to agree, “is Maradona responsible for this mess? Well, that’s it. “

Everyone acquiesced that he was Angel + devil. Everyone seems to accept that “he’s a jerk out of football, but he’s really good at playing, so That’s it.

Two years ago, a friend of mine who works as a bank in Argentina first talked about Gino Belgium. She said that Argentines like Ginobili very much, because his character – cunning, enthusiastic and desperate – is very Argentinian. I asked, what is the favorite character of Argentines? She said to me:

“The Argentines still love Maradona the most.”

I raise an objection, saying that Maradona has brought Argentina out of that bad result in the first few years. My friend said that he is not good at leading the team, but he is still qualified to make such a toss. On the contrary, it shows how much Argentines love him.

Cunning, enthusiastic, desperate, in order to win by all means, against heaven and earth, breaking a pile of things, but it did let the Argentines to the top of the world.

Maybe that’s the feeling?

The more I read Maradona’s biographies and videos, the more I can understand this feeling.

He is not of high birth. He is a young genius. He got a red card at the 1982 World Cup. He was kicked out of the world cup in 1994. He’s a mess as a coach. He shot reporters. Even before his most glorious moment, the goal of the century against England in 1986, there was a notorious hand of God. All these dark sides created his controversy, and also created the image of Maradona, half angel and half devil.

He can play the most beautiful football in the world, but often he is not elegant, but tough, tough and Hun. He has a lot of problems, but it should not be said that Maradona didn’t play hard. No one can question his desire to win, his madness, his tenacity and boldness. Immortal skills, but also to win.

People are crazy.

After Maradona, Argentina produced a lot of people: Ortega, Gallardo, Amare, Riquelme, dalisandro, Saviola, Tevez, Messi Everyone is said to be Maradona’s successor, even if the style is different, even if the figure is not like.

Almost at the same time, the United States is also a 6-5-6-8 swing man, who can fly and throw, will be said to be Jordan’s successor

Can be constantly looking for successors, are God level exist.

About the 1986 World Cup, I read a large number of biographies about coach bilaldo, which mentioned some details. For example, the former Argentina boss pasarella has been unhappy with Maradona, but Maradona’s technology is to win over other teammates. For example, before the World Cup final, Maradona was a little afraid of Schumacher, the West German goalkeeper who was also known as a bad boy. For example, when bilaldo saw that Argentina was 2-0 ahead of West Germany, he was nervous because he thought it was too smooth, because he knew West Germany was a good comer. He hoped Maradona would look back at West Germany’s steel captain Rummenigge at that time and see his killing eyes. When West Germany reached a 2-2 draw, bilaldo himself was about to collapse.

But Maradona was calm and gave an assist to win the world cup for Argentina.

So bilaldo came to the conclusion that Maradona was more tenacious than the most tenacious reversal machine West Germany in the history of football at that time.

In that world cup, world champion Argentina scored 14 goals, Maradona scored 5 goals and assisted 5 goals.

I think most people who watch Maradona have more or less mental experience.

First know that he is known as the king of the ball, and then know his bad things. Looking at his videotape, I found that he was perfect at will and beyond the limits of ordinary people. But the more I saw, the more I found that his tenacity gave people such a great appeal.

Probably, I thought I was watching a hot-blooded young man. The more I saw it, the more I found that it was actually a gangster movie. At last, I had mixed feelings of love and hate for him. But at the same time, I also felt that:

It’s not true, but it’s really good-looking!

Maradona’s nickname is El pipe de Oro, golden boy, which has been with him all his life. Of course, there will be various media to call him king (English), Rey (Spanish) and so on.

But I always suspect that the title of “King” was given to Maradona by Chinese media.

My guess is that in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the world cup broadcast was gradually spread in China. At that time, many media teachers were somewhat romantic. After witnessing the miracle of Maradona and his winning history in 1986, did you give him the title?

Of course, if we really watched him play football, and if we watched him live, the passion is understandable – after all, we learned the result later, and when we looked at the video of his youth, we found it so touching.

When Maradona scored against England in the second century in 1986, it was well known that England and Argentina had fought in the Falklands War before, which was a national duel.

Narrator Victor Hugo Morales has a legendary commentary. I recommend you to listen to it.

Even if you don’t know Spanish, you can get goose bumps.

Spanish Original:

"… ahí la tiene Maradona, lo marcan dos, pisa la pelota Maradona, arranca por la derecha el genio del fútbol mundial, deja el tendal y va a tocar para Burruchaga. ¡Siempre Maradona! ¡Genio! ¡Genio! ¡Genio! Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta. ¡Gooooool! ¡Gooooool! ¡Quiero llorar! ¡Dios santo, viva el fútbol! ¡Golaaaaaazooo! ¡Diegoooool! ¡Maradona! Es para llorar, perdónenme. ¡Maradona, en recorrida memorable, en la jugada de todos los tiempos! ¡Barrilete cósmico! ¿De qué planeta viniste? ¿Para dejar en el camino a tanto inglés, para que el país sea un puño apretado gritando por Argentina? ¡Argentina 2 – Inglaterra 0! ¡Diegol, ¡Diegol! ¡Diego Armando Maradona! Gracias Dios, por el fútbol, por Maradona, por estas lágrimas, por este Argentina 2 – Inglaterra 0."

It’s not as exciting as the original

“Maradona, get the ball! Two people are pestering him. Maradona touch the ball, football talent right sprint, get rid of the third person, to bruchaga! Or Maradona with the ball! Genius! Genius!! Genius!!! Dada dada! goal!!!!!! goal!!!!!!!!! I’m going to cry!!!! Dear God! Long live football!!!! goal!!!!! Diego scores! Maradona! This is enough to make me cry, forgive me!! Maradona, an unforgettable attack! Historic performance! What planet are you from? To wake up so many Britons? Let the whole country wave for Argentina?! Argentina 2-0 England! Diego! Diego! Diego & middot; Armando & middot; Maradona! Thank God! For football!! For Maradona! Tears for all this!!! Argentina 2-0 England!!! “

I’m not an Argentinian and I can’t feel their excitement. But I’ve watched this video many times, and with this commentary, I’m so excited that my back gets chilly every time.

Imagine that in the world, there has been such a fool in many things, but only by football skills and their own passion, we can make hundreds of millions of people feel the joys and sorrows of heaven or hell.

Such excellent skills, such flaws, yet so infectious temperament.

After watching a lot of videos and biographies, I can understand why my father and the older generation who watched Maradona loved him so much.

When I saw him live, he was still young and felt more emotional impact.

With a few excellent skills in the history of football, coupled with a few tough personality in the history of football, in the World Cup stage, at the time of national enmity, he sent out century goals and led the team to the top. Such a thing will explode the world at any time, right?

Not to mention his time, probably the last personal hero. Since then, football has become more industrialized and systematic. The cases of individual heroes forcibly changing the world are more and more rare. That kind of personality, that kind of skill, that kind of person, all passed with that time.

I was too young to understand. Until later, Klinsmann and Maldini retired one by one, I felt that I was more and more familiar with the football world. I began to understand the feelings of people a little older than me for Maradona.

I caught up with the end of watching Maradona. I don’t quite understand it, but I already feel it’s very powerful. People who have really experienced that generation probably feel stronger? After all, the world is changing so fast, and I’m old enough for my father to brag about Maradona. Maybe later, when I talked about Messi Ronaldo, Zidane and Ronaldo to younger generations, my later children were just like my father when I was a child. Half of them were strange, half of them didn’t agree with me, right?

So, it’s still true:

What we can add later is far less than the feelings of those who really experienced it at that time.

So if the latecomer was shocked by Maradona, then perhaps the real Maradona felt by the person who experienced it is ten times as shocked as this one?

After the 1994 World Cup, a TV station made several groups of lyric MVs.

To van Basten, who had a foot injury for a long time, is Zhang Hongliang’s do you know I’m waiting for you.

For Maradona, it is Zhao Chuan’s “I finally lost you”.

In those days, this was a very lyrical confession.

I remember one of the scenes was that Maradona was shoveled down by several people, got up, and the referee didn’t decide. A group of people ran away chasing the ball. Maradona’s lonely back. lyric:

“I finally lost you, in the crowd.”

“What planet are you from?” Maradona in 1986 asked Victor & middot; Hugo & middot; Morales to ask this question.

Now, football, and our planet, have finally lost Maradona.

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