How much does severe anemia need to be cured complications of chronic aplastic anemia

How much does severe anemia need to be cured

The degree of anemia is determined by the level of hemoglobin. In severe anemia, the hemoglobin level is generally lower than 60g / L. Blood transfusion can temporarily relieve symptoms and prevent life-threatening.

Treatment opinion: This is about two units of blood transfusion at a time. This is a self funded project. The price here is different. It costs about 2000 yuan, because there are some other items to check.

Complications of chronic aplastic anemia

In patients with chronic aplastic anemia, male slightly more, its symptoms are diverse, characterized by a slower onset. Common anemia, the first symptoms are often pale, fatigue, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, headache and so on. Fever and bleeding are rare. The bleeding sites are less and the degree is light. The common bleeding includes skin and mucous membrane bleeding and dental bleeding. Women may have different degrees of uterine bleeding, few visceral bleeding, and infection is rare and light.

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