The United Arab Emirates will provide free Chinese vaccine to the public in Dubai

According to CCTV news reports, the Dubai Health Bureau of the United Arab Emirates said in a statement on the 30th that it will provide free Chinese vaccine for citizens of the United Arab Emirates and residents of Dubai in the medical center of the emirate of Dubai from January 31. In the first stage, priority will be given to the elderly aged 60 and above, and then it will be extended to other groups.

Before that, the medical institutions under the jurisdiction of the Dubai health bureau only provided Pfizer vaccines produced in the United States and Germany. It is reported that the Dubai Health Bureau announced earlier that it would reschedule the vaccination of Pfizer vaccines due to the shortage of global vaccine supply. The full use of Chinese vaccines this time is to provide more choices for local people among the vaccines currently approved for sale in the United Arab Emirates, It is also crucial for the implementation of the UAE’s national vaccination program on schedule. The Dubai health authority said the medical center will first contact those who have made advance appointments for vaccination.

Previously, Chinese vaccines were mainly provided in government and private hospitals managed by the Ministry of health and prevention of the United Arab Emirates.

Editor in charge: Zhang Yan

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