Impeachment trial is coming, Trump’s five representatives are revealed to leave

CNN quoted a source on the 30th local time as saying that with more than a week to go before the impeachment trial of former US President trump, five lawyers have left their legal team, including two “leading” lawyers, on the ground that they do not agree with Trump’s “legal strategy.”.

Impeachment trial is coming, Trump's five representatives are revealed to leave before the impeachment hearing of former US President trump starts next week, it is reported that all five lawyers have decided to withdraw from the team because of differences with trump on defense grounds. (Reuters photo)

According to people familiar with the matter, trump hoped his lawyers would raise in the hearing that there was a large-scale election fraud, and Biden of the Democratic Party “stole” his victory as a defense. However, his team of lawyers believed that it should focus on questioning the legality of impeachment after the president leaves office. Trump was reported to have not accepted the opinions of the team of lawyers during the discussion, and it is expected that trump will be impeached New lawyers will be announced in the next day or two.

Trump was accused of inciting the protestors to attack the Capitol Hill and obstructing the Congress from appointing Biden as president. He was suspected of “sedition” and was impeached by the Congress for the second time. However, most Republican senators questioned that impeaching the outgoing president was unconstitutional, and the impeachment case might not reach the threshold of two-thirds of the Senate support.


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