Double cities: simple and simple women, gorgeous women in Shanghai

Double cities: simple and simple women, gorgeous women in Shanghai

Photo: Shenzhen girls in most industries wear plain clothes, flat shoes, T-shirts and plain face to work. /Internet pictures

Once upon a time, Shanghai women’s illustrated book, a TV play about the ten-year struggle of Shanghai drifters, was popular. Now & lt; Shenzhen Girls & gt; has aroused heated discussion among the whole people. The mainland’s super first tier cities have always been a stage for those who dream and dare to fight, and there has never been a shortage of excellent girls.

If you ask a Shenzhen girl, what will she do with 50000 yuan? They are likely to give no less than five financial solutions, while Shanghai girls can give you 100 kinds of consumption possibilities. Shenzhen girls tend to pursue high efficiency and make money quickly. Flat shoes, T-shirts and plain clothes can also be used in most industries. Shanghai women, regardless of their positions, walk in and out of high-end office buildings with fashionable high-heeled shoes and delicate makeup. Although she is only an intern, Kate, a local girl in Shanghai women’s illustrated books, wears expensive suits and high-end computers with tens of thousands of yuan, and can report to her clients fluently and confidently in English. In Kate’s opinion, ability is not enough in Shanghai, but also appearance and temperament. The most important thing for Shanghai women is good posture! ”

Data also show that Shanghai girls are always willing to invest in themselves. According to the independent women’s consumption report released by tmall platform in 2019, women are more concerned about their own “self gratifying” consumption, which ushers in explosive growth. Among them, Shanghai women are ahead of Hangzhou, Beijing, Nanjing, Xiamen and other cities, with the highest consumer price.

Girls all over China have their own strengths. Whether they are Shenzhen girls who focus on making money or Shanghai girls who invest in themselves, contemporary women have gained higher salary and social status by virtue of their own abilities. They can independently decide where to spend the salary they earn, let the money appreciate, and spend it to please themselves.


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