Tiktok banned, India layoffs

Tiktok banned, India layoffs

Photo: tiktok was permanently banned by India, but announced layoffs. /Agence France Presse

[Ta Kung Pao] according to Reuters and CNBC, the Indian government has announced a permanent ban on 59 Chinese apps, including tiktok. It is reported that the parent company of tiktok informed employees on the 27th that it has decided to reduce the size of the Indian team and retain only key positions.

As tiktok can not operate in India and can not keep a full staff, there is no choice to lay off staff, Reuters reported in an internal memo to employees. The memorandum also mentioned that at first, it was hoped that this situation would be temporary, but it was found that this was not the case. It frankly said that it did not know when it would be possible to return to the Indian market. Papas, the global head of tiktok, revealed that tiktok will only keep a small number of key positions in India;.

After the ban, Indian employees were told to focus on the development of productivity suite lark and other applications that have not been blocked, according to people familiar with the matter. In addition, the company has stopped all marketing and promotion services in India.

The company currently has more than 2000 employees in India, which was one of tiktok’s largest markets before the ban came into effect. However, due to the intensification of the border conflict between China and India, the Indian government announced in June last year that nearly 60 Chinese apps, including tiktok, wechat, and UC browser, were banned, claiming that the activities of these apps “damage India’s sovereignty and integrity, national defense, national security, and public order. &On the 26th of this month, the Indian authorities announced that the ban would be made permanent. According to the times of India, the move by the Indian government may lead to legal disputes and further intensify the confrontation with China in the digital field.

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