To be a Wall Street gambler

To be a Wall Street gambler

Photo: Batista, a 25-year-old retail investor, made a fortune after buying GME. /Internet pictures

[Ta Kung Pao] according to the Wall Street Journal, reddit & quot; Wall Street gamblers (WSB) & quot; section, which led us retail investors to declare war on short positions, has attracted a lot of attention recently, and the number of users has also increased explosively. Now it has exceeded 3 million. Their iconic slogan & quot; yo & quot;, which means & quot; you only live once & quot;, has also become widely known.

WSB calls itself a “4 Chan user’s terminal” in which the former is a forum for conspiracy theories and the latter is a real-time financial data analysis system. WSB friends often don’t pay attention to rational stock market analysis. As long as they shout out & quot; Yolo & quot;, they can give a free hand to any stock with huge investment risk. At the same time, they have to call friends and brush rocket emoticons all over the screen, just like betting in a casino.

Recently, they kept updating the stock price information of Gamestop (GME), and encouraged each other not to make a difference now, but to wait until the stock price rose to $1000. There are also some people who seem to be just fighting short sellers, claiming that they will “always follow up, never stop”;. A blogger invested $50000 in 2019, which has now risen to nearly $14 million, and has been named “myth” and “King”;.

On the 27th, due to the surge of traffic caused by the unprecedented enthusiasm of page friends, WSB once restricted its opening to the public. Although it returned to normal one hour later, GME’s share price still fell after hours. Discord, the instant chat platform, shut down the WSB server that night, saying it published content that violated the platform’s guidelines, including “hate speech, beautifying violence and untrue information.”;. The WSB moderator accused discord of using shady tactics instead of helping solve the problem. Instead, he & lt; destroyed our community & gt;.

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