Drug companies deliver reduced dose of Spanish vaccine

As two American pharmaceutical companies reduce the delivery of new vaccines, the reserves of vaccines in various regions of Spain are insufficient, and vaccination is delayed or even suspended.

Spain’s 17 regional governments are responsible for vaccination in their respective jurisdictions, and are under pressure to reduce the delivery of vaccines by Pfizer and Modena, AFP reported Tuesday.

Ignacio Aguado, vice president of the Madrid autonomous region, said on the 27th that the region had to suspend the first dose of vaccination “for at least two weeks” due to insufficient vaccines. He called on Spain’s central government to do its best to get more vaccines.

Catalonia’s health department said this week that the region’s vaccine stock will run out in a few days and that “the freezer will be empty.”.

An official from the health department of Andalusia autonomous region told AFP that the region had to use the “depleted strategic reserve” vaccine because it had not received the vaccine last week, and the vaccination was suspended at the end of last week. He said that the Spanish Ministry of health “this Tuesday (26) afternoon emergency delivery of 79500 doses of vaccine”, the local vaccination was able to continue.

Spain launched the new crown vaccination on the 27th of last month. Spain has received 1.76 million doses of new crown vaccine, about 83.3% of which have been used, according to data released by the Ministry of health on the 29th of this month. Nearly 1.4 million people have received at least one dose of vaccine, mainly the elderly in nursing homes and medical staff. So far, more than 58000 people in Spain have died of new coronavirus infection. (Wu Baoshu)

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