The harm of constipation in gallstone operation

The harm of constipation in gallstone surgery

Constipation is not a strange word for everyone, because now people often have constipation problems due to irregular diet. There is also a cause of constipation is after gallstone surgery, this time you can drink a little honey water, more exercise.

Gallstone disease is very common in today’s life, drug treatment for this disease can not be completely cured, the only way to completely cure people’s gallstones is surgical treatment, many times people in gallstone surgery, will appear constipation problem, this time how to do?

First, if the patients after gallstone surgery have constipation problems, they can eat more local honey appropriately, because honey is a kind of food with detoxification, moistening dryness, moistening intestines and defecating effect, so if the patients after gallstone surgery can often drink a little, then they can solve the problem of constipation, and honey itself contains a lot of ingredients The amount of nutrients, can be very good for people to supplement the body needs.

Second, nuts can also improve people’s constipation after gallstone surgery, nuts contain a lot of nutrients, if people can often eat a little nuts, then it can help the body to discharge excess waste in the body, play the role of health care, also can let patients better moisten bowel, very good to improve people’s constipation.

Third, if people have constipation after gallstone surgery, they can do some physical exercise properly. Many people think that after gallstone surgery, they need to stay in bed. In fact, proper physical exercise is very good. Patients can do some supine leg bending, squatting and standing movements every night, which can effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis Exercise, help to promote defecation.

Symptoms of intestinal adhesion after cholelithiasis operation

Intestinal adhesion after cholelithiasis surgery is considered. Intestinal adhesion occurs after cholelithiasis surgery. This is mainly due to the symptoms caused by inflammatory complications in the abdominal intestine due to cholelithiasis disease. Generally, conservative treatment with drugs can be taken.

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