US media: Biden’s brother’s law firm advertised to “show off” its relationship with the president, bringing trouble to the new government

[global network reporter Bian Zihao] according to the Washington Post on the 30th local time, on the day of President Biden’s inauguration, a lawyer’s office where his brother Frank Biden worked published an advertisement in the newspaper, boasting about the relationship and common values between the two brothers, which brought trouble to the new government.

US media: Biden's brother's law firm advertised to

US media: Biden's brother's law firm advertised to

According to reports, the firm is called Berman law firm, in which Frank Biden is a senior consultant. The ad on the 20th featured a picture of Frank smiling, highlighting his relationship with the president and their shared values. The advertisement refers to the role of Berman law firm in a class action lawsuit against sugarcane growers, saying Biden is committed to “environmental protection” and “social justice” values that Biden and his brother Frank Biden “share” and that the growers violate. In addition, the ad suggested Biden might support Berman in the lawsuit.

“Washington Post” said that White House press secretary pusaki talked about the topic extensively on the 29th local time, but did not specifically mention the advertisement. She said it was white house policy that “the president’s name” should not be used in “any business activity” that “implies the president’s support or endorsement.”. In addition, pusaki also revealed that Biden’s sister Valerie will not hold any official positions in the White House.

Frank and the founder of the firm did not comment on the matter, the report said.

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