The voice of America reporter asked the director to resign

A group of VOA reporters signed a letter demanding the resignation of their director and deputy director, accusing them of using the agency to plan a publicity campaign for secretary of state Michael Pompey, and transferring a news executive and a White House correspondent to the agency suddenly and without reason.

According to a letter obtained by NBC, the reporters said that the actions of VOA director Robert Riley and deputy director Elizabeth Robbins violated the agency’s decades old charter. According to the Charter, the propaganda agency funded by the US government cannot speak on behalf of the US government.

Riley and Robbins were both recently appointed by President Donald Trump’s Michael Parker, who is in charge of the voice of America’s superior agency, the U.S. international media agency.

The letter was sent to Parker, Riley and Robbins. So far, 24 journalists from about 1000 VOA employees have signed the letter, the report said.

According to reports, on the 11th, at VOA’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., Pompeo delivered a live speech praising the freedom of the press in the United States and accusing the agency of excessive negative reports on the United States in the past. According to the letter and a reporter interviewed by NBC, VOA reporters are not allowed to ask questions and external media are not allowed to attend.


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