British anti epidemic fund-raising 100 year old veterans hospitalized with new crown infection

Xinhua news agency, London, January, 31 (reporter Zhang Dailei) a hundred year old British veteran Tom Moore, who had tens of millions of pounds in support of COVID-19, was confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 and was admitted to hospital on the 31 th.

Moore’s daughter, Hannah, said in a statement on social media that day that Moore tested positive for the new coronavirus last week and has been isolated at home since then. She was sent to the hospital on the 31st because of dyspnea and need extra help.

Hannah said Moore is currently in the general ward for treatment and is not in the intensive care unit.

It is reported that Moore has not been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine due to his predecessor’s pneumonia receiving treatment.

On the same day, British Prime Minister Johnson sent a message on social media expressing sympathy to Moore and wishing him an early recovery.

Moore is a World War II veteran in Bedfordshire, Central England. In April 2020, he launched a fund-raising challenge on foot. His goal is to walk 100 times around his yard with a walking aid before his 100th birthday on April 30 to raise 1000 pounds for anti epidemic medical staff. His charity inspired and moved countless people. People all over the world gave generously, and eventually raised more than 32 million pounds for the British national health care system. As a result, Moore set the Guinness world record for raising the most money by walking.

According to data released by the British government on the 31st, there were 21088 new confirmed cases in the country on the same day, with a total of 3817176 confirmed cases and 106158 deaths.

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